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1 Apr 2011

Crime of fashion - Hot Pants

I saw these on ASOS today... Diesel denim print pants


They're not too bad, they'd probably be quite a laugh really. Lets just hope people don't treat them like actual shorts like they do with trousers/leggings! The only problem - they're a shocking £33 from ASOS (lets hope they're not actual denim... owch).


  1. I am sure Primark did something similar a while ago the denim design came off in the wash lol

  2. So, so hoochy mama!

    I remember about 10 years ago Miss Sixty did a denim mini so short it came with built-in knickers - it was shocking to me and my friends at the time but seems to be common now (I FEEL OLD!).


  3. The picture looks so fake - I wonder if they actually look like this :)

  4. I used to have a pair of pants so similar to these from topshop haha!!

    I'm having a giveaway if you wanna check it out too! :) xx

  5. Those are more like knickers than hot pants.

  6. Doesn't leave much to the imagination does it? lol!

    I'm not a fan of hot pants...not because I can't wear them but because I think it shows a bit too much!


  7. Ahahah I have a similar pair from La Senza and no, they are not actual denim, that'd be so uncomfortable x=

  8. They are teeny tiny! Love the new look.

    Thanks for the comment :).

    Helen, X

  9. I actually got them at asos. They are a very soft fabric and look super sexy. And yes, they actually look like this.

  10. thank god they are soft!!! Although did you spend £33 on them? It's a LOT of money for a pair of knickers! x

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