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15 Apr 2011

Aussie Lusciously Light Challenge

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I won a place as an Aussie Angel, and you may have seen my huge badge on my "about" page showing I'm a proud member of the long hair tribe.

As a winner we were asked to take part in a challenge - either to have a lusciously lighter self or lusciously lighter style. I chose self but rather than lose weight I'm going to get fitter. I'm going to keep a weekly diary talking about my diet, exercise and lots of pictures!

The first part arrived on Wednesday - a big box with a t-shirt and long conditioner arrived with a letter telling us that we'll be getting weekly exercise videos and diet tips, culminating in a day in London of yoga, yummy food and pretty hair! Bliss! Plus the person who makes the most effort over their challenge wins a prize!

Without further ado, here are my vital statistics at the start of the challenge:

  • Height - 5 foot 9.5 (1.76 meters)

  • Weight - 8.75 stone (55.6 kg)

  • BMI - 17.9

  • Body Fat % - 21.6%

And here is my stylish challenge t-shirt!

So I'll keep you updated with my progress. I'm off to walk a dog in the New Forest!

What do you think of my challenge?



  1. I chose Lusciously Lighter Self too and am looking forward to getting fitter for summer and building up to running 10k. Good luck with your fitness challenge - looking great in the Aussie tshirt! x

  2. I don't understand. The challenge is either to lose weight or lighten your hair!? I hope I've got that wrong or I think that's an outrage. Aussie not all women want to be thin and blonde.

  3. Thinner and blonder*

  4. Haha kind of! You either get a hair style change or lose weight! However I don't want to change my hair and I medically can't lose weight so had a minor panic attack when I found out. They're flexible though, you don't have to really do anything you don't want to so I'm just going to eat healthy for a few weeks! Xxx

  5. I think you should have told them to get fucked! What an outdated and frankly dangerous stereotype. How out of touch with modern women can a brand be! I'm glad you've ignored the 'rules' and just decided to get healthy, although I think boycotting such an awful campaign would have sent a better message! I'm utterly disgusted with the whole concept of it.

  6. I totally agree with Burger! Surely gone are the days of 'blonde girls have the most fun' rubbish! I can't believe they've been allowed to promote such a useless and disturbing challenge! x x

  7. Wow you're lucky you're so tall! And good luck with the living healthy part! :)

  8. Hey guys,

    It's Emma from Uncover Aussie here. Just wanted to speak up as things have been a little misconstrued - to be clear, the challenges are not about losing weight or lightening hair!

    We asked our Angels whether they would like to get healthy for Summer with a little help from Aussie (ie. we're sending out healthy eating and exercise and yoga videos) OR, if they preferred they could do something different with their hair.

    At no time have we challenged them to lose weight or lighten their hair, and we absolutely would not ever, ever ask our Angels to undertake such things. This really is not what the activity is about - we chose the options based on what we saw on everyone's blogs already - a desire to eat healthier and improve fitness and have a bit of a life 'spring-clean', and I hope that all our Angels enjoy their journey and have some fun with it!

    The activities are a bit of light-hearted fun and the Angels are under no obligation to take up the challenge. They chose which activity they would like to take part in, and now it is up to them how involved they would like to be. I will be doing all the activity with them as motivation, and overall just having a bit of a giggle along the way!

    If you have any more questions or comments please email me at emma@uncoveraussie.co.uk and I'll be happy to help : )


  9. Exactly the same weight as me! Good luck in the challenge. I've also posted about it on my blog: www.alaurentoherself.com
    See you in London!x

  10. Hi Emma, I appreciate what you're saying but there is nothing about the slogan 'lusciously lighter self' that suggest it refers to health in any way! Also 'lighter style' will always conjure up the idea of a lighter colour First. I therefore stick by my initial comments. If Aussie meant healthier they should have used a slogan with this. Instead the current slogan perpetuates ideas that thinner is healthier and blonde is better. As this is apparently not what Aussie are trying to promote I suggest they get a better marketing team.

  11. Is it not slightly hypocritical to publicise your weight - given that you actually fall in the "underweight" category with regards to your BMI - when you posted a brave article on using models that you felt were anorexic? I'm not saying you're anorexic - you certainly don't portray a lifestyle that you are, and given the article you wrote it's clear that you wouldn't promote it. But surely knowing how infuential you have become to girls and given the misconstrued intention of the Aussie Challenge - which as Burger re-iterates doesn't actually make it very clear quite what it's all about, your followers may feel slightly "imperfect" as generally I'm sure your followers wouldn't fall within the "underweight" catergory. (Or rather, I hope they wouldn't....) Yet, it's actually far better to not be "underweight" but to be within the "normal" BMI. Being "underweight" is not healthy! I realise you're using the challenge as a means to "get fit" but doing it as part of the Aussie Challenge could be quite influential to girls (ladies....) who read your blog as they could feel pressured into losing weight unnecessarily to reach unrealistic goals of looking like a model. This Aussie Challenge is a competition for the person who has made the most effort! The whole concept, quite honestly I find outrageous!
    It seems quite often that the topics you choose to write about and the way you publicise them are because you're lacking in confidence - and the nice comments you receive in response to them boost your confidence. I'm not judging you - I love it when I'm complimented! But I love it when my close friends, family compliment me. You are tall, clever and beautiful - so perhaps your followers are left aspiring to be like that and their own confidence left battered because they are not..... Particularly as you kind of didn't highlight the potential health risks of being underweight and the importance of manintaining a healthy weight.... Yet you felt it was important enough to highlight this issue with models at LFW.
    I'm not sure what I've written has made masses of sense - I'm just looking at the article from a different perspective. One that is concerned about self esteem of every person who reads your articles. xx

  12. Hi Worried, Thank you for your comment. I don't really know what to say in reply to this. I guess all I can say is that I've always been 100% honest - I am honest about my weight, my insecurities and my likes/dislikes. I published my weight because I thought it would be a good baseline to show that I can gain weight in muscle etc from this challenge - I've never done exercise due to having my spine fused and always being too scared to injure myself but I've started learning to ride a bike this week and am trying to get healthy as you state, however I don't believe I've ever hinted that my weight was good - it's just my natural weight, I've not fluctuated for years. In fact I didn't even comment on my weight at all, I just stated that I need to get healthier which is true.

    As for the confidence issue, when I mention my confidence it is because I am being honest and acknowledging that other girls will also feel unconfident in these issues but I never ever started my blog for confidence boosting comments! That's just a side-effect that has come from gathering followers. I was still writing about confidence issues when I had no followers and no comments. It's just my style I guess, I am honest.

    I've never spoken about my personal thoughts about the Aussie challenges, and to be honest the thought of altering my lifestyle and weight did scare me but through talking to the Aussie people I know they don't want to pressure people to do anything. I just hope that the other bloggers who are doing this challenge don't portray the image that people have to lose weight. I don't believe I have personally, but as you point out that could be a danger when talking about the challenge on other blogs.


  13. Agreed, you didn't comment about your weight - simply stated it. But that was kind of my point....! :-)

    I guess I'm one of these people (who seem to be quite rare, or perhaps others like me just don't share their feelings...?) that just doesn't "get" the whole fashionista, beauty loving world that seems to EVERYWHERE in society!

    Don't get me wrong - I don't believe I'm perfect. Far from it in fact, but I just strongly believe, and this has come from years of bullying, disappointment and general low self esteem, which even now I would never describe as "high", that there's so much more to being a beautiful person. I struggle to understand, I guess, that people (mostly girls I guess) can just read an article and not "feel" anything towards it in terms of affecting self esteem.

    But I am a documentary watcher and have seen so often how influential the media (which your blog is effectively part of...) can be and how at times (and this isn't aimed at you specifically) can be quite detrimental to young girls.....

    I know your blog is "fun" and not meant in any way to have a negative impact on anyone. I'm quite sure that if your blog did have that kind of impact you'd actually be upset and would try to counter balance this....

    I discovered a blog today (I can't remember whose) which basically took images / articles from other people, who from what I gather the blogger doesn't know and mocked critically. This could seriously damage people's self esteem..... And the author just thought it was funny...

    Okay, so I went off on a bit of tangent there.

    I do think that your articles on going out without make up on (although I didn't quite get how someone could distinguish between a "made up face" and a "make up free face" - is that just without foundation?) was a positive way to promote natural beauty!

    Good luck with the bike riding! Perfect summer weather for it. xx

  14. I think I've seen that mocking blog... She/he can be quite mean. You're right though, as a blogger if somebody reads my blog I do have a responsibility to make sure they don't feel they have to copy a look, be a certain shape or earn a certain amount of money and I do strive to ensure people from all walks of life are covered and as you said I'd be horrified if somebody took it the wrong way.

    I was also horribly bullied at school - for being English and living in Scotland... People wrote petitions of who hated me :-( It was ridiculous but everyone overcomes it in a different way and I guess mine was to pretend to be confident and not care. I guess my fake confidence comes across when I write even though deep down I am a mess of self-consciousness and have the bullied mentality.

    Bike riding is going well. Only almost fell off into a car once today! I hate the lack of cycle paths in my area. I'm a liability on the road! Xxx

  15. I'm not sure anyone who has been bullied in their life overcomes it! Despite how much we try.... Some people are "ugly" and not in the way they look. Just the way they are, their personalities - but then without prejudice or judgement who knows what happened in their pasts to make them come across that way??

    It's very difficult to not compare yourself (generically speaking) to other people - but be happy with the way we are. We are beautiful because of the things we say and do.... :-)

    I'm a total liability on the roads too (cycling wise!). If I didn't have to lugg so much stuff to and from work each day I'd probably cycle to work. But I fear I'd end up top heavy and causing several accidents each day. Plus the hill I'd have to face both journeys is rather daunting! But at least you're giving it a go!


  16. Agreed, you didn’t comment about your weight – simply stated it. But that was kind of my point….! :-)

  17. I’m not sure what I’ve written has made masses of sense – I’m just looking at the article from a different perspective. One that is concerned about self esteem of every person who reads your articles. :P

  18. wow! i love the prizes that you've won!! what is the competition really for?! i'd like to join next time if there is availability or something!! XD

  19. well all of us wants to be a winner and spend time to our family all we have to do is kept in faith.

  20. somebody reads my blog I do have a responsibility to make sure they don’t feel they have to copy a look, be a certain shape or earn a certain amount of money and I do strive to ensure people from all walks of life are covered and as you said I’d be horrified if somebody took it the wrong way. | :P

  21. great post thanks for sharing this to us i might share this to my friends..keep posting!!

  22. If Aussie meant healthier they should have used a slogan with this. Instead the current slogan perpetuates ideas that thinner is healthier and blonde is better.


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