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24 Mar 2011

Lauren Loves... Crimes of Fashion

Today's crime of fashion was found while searching for "tweet jacket"...

This jacket reminds me of something from Harry Hill... I like tweed jackets, but I also like fur jackets... but which one's better? Let's mash them together! It's like a farmer has left their arms inside some badgers...

by Future Classics at ASOS (trust me, this will never be a classic, not even in the future), and is reduced from a shocking £925 to £415! You can buy it here


  1. The model's face says it all! And I actually gasped at the price, what are they on?!

  2. I laughed out loud. The model looks terrified and confused. I suppose it could be Black Swan inspired, if Natalie Portman was a college professor who turned into a bear. Lol.

  3. Love the black swan analogy! I think they might have gone a step too far though... Lol! Xxx

  4. This jacket is gross (and confused) and your post is hilarious.

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls


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