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31 Mar 2011

Am I bling or ming?!

Sourz, the drinks company have started a new fashion game called Bling or Ming which I'm currently on! If you play too, you can win a £50 shopping voucher just for showing off your outfits!

You just upload 2 photos of yourself in 2 different outfits to their Bling or Ming application. The Sourz community will vote on which outfit they prefer and if you win, you get a voucher

They're going to be giving away one £50 shopping voucher PER WEEK for 6 WEEKS, so you have loads of chances to win!

You can enter the Competition here: http://apps.facebook.com/sourzuk/fba/fashiondilemma/

I'm in there too so get voting for me if you don't want to take part yourself!


28 Mar 2011

Lauren's Blog Loving - Jess from Away With The Fairies

Welcome to part 3 of Lauren's Blog Loving. Today's victim is:

Jess from Away With The Fairies 

Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog
Hi! My name’s Jess and my blog is Away With The Fairies  a beauty related blog with a few rambles added in!
When did you start blogging and why?
I completed work experience in PR and one afternoon my job was to read through blogs (what fun!) and I discovered a whole new world. After week or two of reading I felt like I’d have so much fun writing one, and so I started.
What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?
I don’t have any regular features but I love writing long ramble posts that aren’t necessarily beauty related but more of a girly chat. I also love when I can let other bloggers know of an amazing product. 
Describe your style 
I would describe my style as quite casual (as you can see in my limited OOTD posts) but I’m hoping to branch out a bit soon and take some risks.
What’s your favourite item of clothing
Bit of a boring answer but I love my jeggings from h&m. I had a pair that I wore until they split (bad times) then bought another pair and practically live in them. They are so comfortable and a perfect colour.
What is your favourite highstreet shop and who is your favourite designer
I love River Island so much but hate the prices. I try to buy things from there when I can as I just love every single thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something I don’t like in there. I don’t really have a favourite designer but I’ve got my eye on an buying an Alexander McQueen scarf.
Apart from blogging, what do you do?
I work part time as a sales assistant on Oxford Street. It’s not what I want to stay in and I’m on the lookout for a full time job but we all know how difficult that’s going to be.
What is your dream?
Hmm, lifewise. I want to be married with three kids and a cat (not a dog, my boyfriend and I already discussed the pros and cons and cat won!). Careerwise, I dunno! J I change my mind so often but at the moment it’s either become a counsellor or work in PR.
Tell me a secret?
Hmmm, anyone who buys me Pizza Hut is a best friend for life.

Thank you for taking part! Remember if you want to be in featured in Lauren's Blog Loving then email me - lauren@laurenlovesblog.com

24 Mar 2011

Lauren Loves... Crimes of Fashion

Today's crime of fashion was found while searching for "tweet jacket"...

This jacket reminds me of something from Harry Hill... I like tweed jackets, but I also like fur jackets... but which one's better? Let's mash them together! It's like a farmer has left their arms inside some badgers...

by Future Classics at ASOS (trust me, this will never be a classic, not even in the future), and is reduced from a shocking £925 to £415! You can buy it here

22 Mar 2011

Lauren's Blog Loving - Natasha from The Science Informant

Welcome to the second part in the Lauren's Blog Loving series. I'm really excited to introduce you all to Natasha, a gorgeous and extremely clever girl! You're going to be seeing much more of her over the coming months as she becomes our science expert in my new series of articles - The Science Behind Beauty Project.

If you want to know more about science, written in a really clear and interesting way then check out her blog. Alternatively if there are any beauty products you want to know the science behind, just comment or email and Tash and I will endevour to find out the truth!

Natasha from The Science Informant

Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog

 Hello to all! My name’s Natasha, I’m 25 and the author of my own little science blog: The Science Informant. Yes very geeky I know! The main idea is to chat about various topics in science that might be of interest to anyone, scientist or not.

That's so exciting! And also you'll be working as my science correspondant soon! When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging in September 2010. I had already started a science column in my university newspaper and was now editing this but thought it would be fun to have my own page! Also it meant I had more freedom in my writing: I could choose any topic I wanted and write it in a more fun style! And hopefully light a spark of interest in more people too!

What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?

Let’s see... I’m quite proud of my post of Molecular Gastronomy, which is about the science behind food and cooking. It covers so many different topics and seems to be quite in at the moment with cooking shows rampaging our TV screens! I really want to develop my “Quick Question” and “Myths Debunked” sections – I like the idea of having little tidbits of science that might amuse people.

Describe your style

Now that’s tough! I wouldn’t say I’m a girly girl but I’m definitely quite feminine. I love high heels, as Lauren will know! Day to day, I quite like balancing outfits, like a very feminine flouncy top with black jeans and killer studded heals. Evenings, I love dresses and would kill for Christina Hendrick’s wardrobe from Mad Men! So smart yet so sexy! Can I love both these looks?


accesshollywood.com                                                 stylehive.com

Of course you can! What’s your favourite item of clothing 

At the moment probably a pair a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes I got for ½ price in the Christmas sale. They’re beautiful and devilishly high!


Drool... they're gorgeous! My favourite question now - What is your favourite high street shop and who is your favourite designer

 I think most of my friends and family will tell you I’m obsessed with All Saints! I’ve even had friends who never bought anything in there because everything they looked at in the shop apparently looked like it belonged to me! Hehe! I think I just really like that they play with shapes and textures a lot and they do a lot of grungy stuff alongside really beautiful dresses and more sophisticated things. They’re terrible at sizing through! I have a top that’s an 8 (which I certainly am not!) and I tried on a dress that was too small at a 16 (which I am not either!) so people find it very difficult buying me presents from there!

 Designer wise – now that’s a bit more difficult as I don’t actually own that much of it (sigh!). If I could wear Chanel I think that would have to be my favourite (staying true to my Parisian nature!) but I also love Kenzo - I have a beautiful bag I bought years ago!

Apart from blogging, what do you do?

Well I started a PhD in Anatomy and Embryology in October so that takes up most of my time! Apart from that I love socialising and being busy (my boyfriend says I don’t know how to relax!) and try to get some kind of sport fitted in if possible even if I’m rubbish (like the new Street Dance lessons I’m desperately trying to get to grips with)!

You are a clever girl! So when you're Dr Tash, what is your dream?

Well that all depends. Work related: probably becoming a science journalist like writing for New Scientist or having my own newspaper column. Personally: just to live a happy, long and enjoyable life! Truthfully, what more can you ask for?

Tell me a secret?

Um... a fashion related secret: I use to hate skinny jeans and refuse to wear them for years and years! Now I swear by them!

Thank you for taking part in Lauren Loves… blogger interview. And if you want to get involved in Lauren's Blog Loving, send me an email to lauren@laurenlovesblog.com! x

17 Mar 2011

A fellow fashionista needs our help!

Survey - Luxury accessories and you!


Hi everyone!

I know this is a little different to Laurens usual fashion related posts, so let me explain a little bit about me! My names Hannah and I’m currently in my final year of uni studying for a degree in Fashion Management with Marketing at Southampton Solent University. Final year = stressful final major project times and I would really love to do something a little different, I like to stand out from the crowd, this is where I need your help!!

My final major project is on the slightly mind numbing topic of cultural branding in Asia –with specific focus on a cultural branding strategy for Burberry to expand across the 3 main Asian markets. Whilst other students have chosen to do pretty books and creative projects I have gone for the more dissertation heavy idea – more fool me!

I don’t know about you, but I love luxury accessories. I’m forever lusting after the Chanel J20 watch, the newest Mulberry handbag and the famous Hermes Birken. In my mind, when I’m walking down the road carrying my Mulberry with my Pug on its lead I become a virtual celebrity with the pavement as my catwalk! (Sometimes even imagining passersby are paparazzi - I live in a small village it’s very dull)

So what I would love to know is why do we feel the need to buy into these luxury brands? Is it because we see our favourite celeb toting the latest bag, or it even being named after them (take Mulberry’s Alexa for example), or is it a deeper sense of fulfilling our own dreams of becoming part of this luxury cult?

If anyone can share why the luxury accessories market means so much to them, it would help me lots and lots and lots!


If anyone loathes the luxury market and could give me a little insight into why brand names mean nothing to them that would help me infinite amounts too!

Thanks everyone

Lots of xoxoxoxox Hannah


Please leave comments below with your opinions if you can help Hannah! x


16 Mar 2011

Lauren's Blog Loving - Coco from Vodka in Teacups

Welcome to the first in my ten part series of Lauren's Blog Loving (If you want to follow me on the REAL Bloglovin then click here). I'm so excited to be introducing you to my 10 favourite bloggers - I love interview articles myself!

My first interviewee is a blogger I hugely love! Her blog is fairly new and deserves lots of love for her stylish, uplifting blog. Here's my interview with her.

Coco from Vodka in Teacups


Hello! Please introduce yourself and your blog

Hello, I’m Coco! I run Vodka in Teacups, a fashion/art/things I find inspiring blog.


When did you start blogging and why?

I signed up for Livejournal when I was about 12 or 13 (10 years ago, yikes!) because it was all the rage and I guess I’ve been blogging on and off since then. ViT started at the beginning of this year as something less about my personal life and more about style and things I find exciting or uplifting.


What is your favourite feature on your blog/what posts are you most proud of?

I try to make the blog as positive-minded as possible. Fashion isn’t the most inclusive of industries so I like to balance it with things that encourage self-love. It can be really easy to get caught up in one standard of beauty and worth. I appreciate beautiful clothes AND beautiful minds.


Describe your style

A friend once said I dress “like you’re going to sleep with men and then eat them” which is surprisingly apt! Girly but with a hard edge. I have an hourglass figure so I wear a lot of pencil skirts, but with leather jackets, super high heels, etc. Lace tea dresses with knuckle duster rings and such.


What’s your favourite item of clothing (and a photo if you like)

My ¾-length sleeve leather jacket. I throw it over everything; jeans & flats, ballgowns, whatever! It stops outfits looking too ‘put together’. My Mulberry Bayswater must get a mention too as I carry everything with me everywhere and it’s really stood up to my abuse!


Oh that picture of you hugging the Bayswater makes me so jealous! I know you have a huge amount of knowedlge about designer fashion so here’s a question I’m dying to ask - What is your favourite highstreet shop and who is your favourite designer

ASOS! Updated daily, good quality, and not too expensive. I think they’re even quicker than Topshop in translating runway trends to mass production, actually. My favourite designer is Alexander McQueen… nothing will replace him but Sarah Burton is doing an incredible job of executing his vision without sacrificing her own creativity.


Oh yes! I loved your blog post about Sarah Burton and the takeover! Apart from blogging, what do you do?

I’m currently a housegirlfriend. If it’s a chore, I do it on a daily basis!


What is your dream?

To own a small bungalow with a huge amount of farmland, and rescue animals full-time. Cleaning out kennels and litter trays isn’t chic or fashionable but it’s where my heart has been since I was little. I’m a proud crazy animal lady!


Tell me a secret?

I meditate twice a day, every day, and have done for the past 8 years.

Thank you for taking part in Lauren Loves… blogger interview. Find Coco's blog here or follow her on Twitter here

10 Mar 2011

1920s catwalk looks - how to make it your own

2011 has featured many themes, and in my "Predicted Trends of 2011" post  I mentioned just one item of a current trend for 1920s fashions - midi skirts.

Well now that the fashion weeks are over, designers have shown more looks and there is a stong lean towards 1920s ladylike fashion and makeup emerging. Here's some examples:

Louis Vuitton showed a deep berry lip with golden eyes for the S/S 2011 look, paired with a deep parting and waved hair, this look hints at a 1920s vibe. Love the earrings!


Louis Vuitton also carried on this trend with their Pre-Fall 2011 collection, of which some key pieces are shown.


John Galliano at Dior (sorry for mentioning him!) sent models down the runway for the Spring 2011 show with very retro 1920s styling


Alice + Olivia also showed a Fall/Winter 2011 look consisting of 1920s looks and makeup (love the winged eyeliner on the left hand model!)

(click images for sources)




So what are the key pieces to look for?

1920s Style
1920s Style by laurenlovesblog

Drop waist dresses, particularly embellished ones are the key to this trend and luckily there are some gorgeous highstreet options. Wear these dresses with thick black, but sheer tights. Dresses featured from left to right:

 Accessories wise - handbags are structured, small and simple, with a long strap often (think the traditional Chanel handbag, first created by Coco in the late 20s). Cloche hats or feathered hair accessories also channel the trend perfectly. Again, the focus is on simplicity and elegance. Fur was very in fashion in the 1920s with many women owning an item (I've had a stole passed down to me) but there is simply NO excuse to buy real fur so go fake please girls, it's such good quality these days, and I think real fur is outdated. Finally shoes are either t-bar or feature bow detailing. Accessories featured from left to right:

and of course, if you're really going for the 1920s look, a long string of pearls is necessary. I have this gorgeous rope pearl necklace from Sophanie which at only £30 is a great investment (they're so cheap because they're made of baroque pearls which are odd shapes and sizes. I love looking at all the different pearls in my necklace, they're all individual and beautiful).

Be careful of over-accessorising. Unless you're actually going to a 1920s themed fancy dress party, don't layer on the dress, pearls, hat... use elements.


If you're going all out 1920s glamour, you have to try the Marcel Wave, or finger wave.

For those girls who want to try it the traditional way with damp hair and pins, these two tutorials seems very easy to follow, although the first is written in a very antiquated fashion! The art of waving, Marcel and Finger waves, Finger waves tutorial.

For those of you who want to do it a more modern way with hot tongs and rollers; this video, I think, explains things very simply:


(Come find me on YouTube!)

For the makeup, strong, classic colours and lines  were in fashion - think berry red lips and black eyeliner.

Let's use the image of the "King Kong" actress Fay Wray for example:

Firstly, lips were dark red berry colours, a classic look which can still be kept modern today.

Eyes were lined with liquid eyeliner and/or kohl. Again, this look is very easily worn today without looking dated

Eyebrows were thin, but strong and pencilled in for emphasis, even on blondes!

Skin was porcelain and fair. Also it was rare for actresses to wear blusher it seems.

This look is easily recreatable and can still look fresh if done right. I like Dior's twist on the strong look for a modern take:

This interesting look combines pale smokey eyes (see my smokey eyes tutorial) with a deep brown lip.

I however personally prefer the Alice + Olivia, traditional 1920s makeup - you can't beat a red lip!:

Here's how I'd achieve the look:

  • Firstly foundation has been applied with what looks like a brush for a flawless look.

  • Undereyes have been concealed and so have blemishes to create a blank canvas

  • The eyebrows have been filled in - I'd recommend the Benefit Brows a go-go kit (see my review here)

  • Black liquid eyeliner has been used to create cat-like flicks - see my eyeliner tutorial from last week here

  • Mascara and false eyelashes have been applied. Also mascara has been used to emphasise the bottom lashes, and I think white kohl eyeliner has been used on the waterline to open up the eyes.

  • Finally a matte orange-red lipstick has been used. I'd suggest MAC's "Lady Danger" lipstick or Revlon's classic "Fire and Ice"

  • Alternatively, a deep berry lip would also look great I think!

So there you have it - my interpretation of how we can all get the 1920s trend this season! x

2 Mar 2011

Steal Celeb Street Style - Paloma Faith!

Paloma Faith - not a traditional "steal celebr street style" icon. Yes her look is very radical and she often risks gracing the worst dressed pages but I love her for the sense of fun she brings to events.

Here she is wearing a sequinned and checked dress, rhinestone embelleshed denim jacket, pink fluffy slipper-like heels and a vanity case! Here's my interpretation of her outfit, and then a way to make her outfit work for you

Paloma FaithPaloma Faith by laurenlovesblog on Polyvore.com

  • Starting with this fabulous red check maxi dress which is £69.99 from Firetrap at Republic

  • Layer on this over the top sequin denim shirt and roll up those sleeves for £36.96 at QVC

  • Tie a colourful silk scarf in your hair, this lovely on is a very pricey at £125 from Lucy Jay at Farfetch

  • Slip on these fluffy shoes like these which are £25.99 from Mad4Shoes

  • Pick up this pink vanity case, £25 by Kangol at Franklin Handbags

  • Finally a slick of bright red lipstick finishes off this outfit. This one is the famous MAC Russian Red



I think this dress would look really great with a more casual, preppy feel. I love the use of brown leathers and suedes with the red dress and denim, and a natural lipstick pairs down the look for the day.

  • Starting with the same dress, put over this lovely shirt by Sol Cal at Republic for £29.99

  • Next pop a gold plaited hairband like this one in your hair. I got this from Claire's Accessories for around £3

  • Slip on these gorgeous tassel loafers, £35 from ASOS

  • This leather vintage satchel, £45 from ASOS completes the look

  • Finally a pale, neutral pink such as MAC Creme Cup would be more subtle and classic than the colour overload with Paloma.


1 Mar 2011

Lauren Loves... Guest Post

Just a quick post this morning (I'll be doing my 2 weeks to better skin challenge Day 3 and Day 4 update tonight - it's not looking pretty).

I'm featured today on the amazing Beauty and the Blog's feature - 7 Guests, 7 Posts, 7 Days.

What a huge honour! Beauty and the Blog is a brilliant site featuring fantastic reviews, interesting chat and great articles. If you want to be featured on her blog, check out this post and to read my post, click here. Thank you! x
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