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4 Feb 2011

New No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara and Gel Eyeliner Review

I was lucky to be sent No7's new Exquisite Curl Mascara this week, which is a new release from No7,  a brand I love for mascaras and makeup. I actually bought their Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner last week too so I'll include that in this review.

New No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

(I love the sparkly purple tube!) This new mascara is designed to curl, lengthen and separate lashes to give your most fluttery lashes ever. The curved brush and curl-setting polymer help hold a curly wide-eyed look. I've never used a curved brush before, I have to admit I was a little scared to use it - I've only ever used straight brushes before so I thought I might poke my eye out. It was really easy to use though and I noticed a difference in the application.

Here's the before and after:

As you can see it's a pretty dramatic effect. I think my eyes look more awake and open. The mascara goes on really nicely, smoothly and gives this efffect after just one coat. It adds length and volume, and you can see evidence of the curl from the before and after.

It's £10 from Boots.com or in stores which is a good price for a good mascara.

Rating - 9.5/10. I don't know what else I could want out of a mascara.

No7 Limited Edition Spring Collection Gel Liner

The next item I have to show you is a gel eyeliner. I've not used a gel eyeliner before, which is surprising seeing as I wear liquid eyeliner every day!


It's a very strange concept to me. You use the little brush to dig into the pot of gel and try your best to coat the brush... so far not sounding amazing. It took me a few goes, and a tiny thought of "should I be dipping the brush in water like with paint?"  and then a little pep talk from A Little Obsessed's blog and I was back on track and here are the results:

I really love the result! The line it leaves is more intense than that from a dip-pot liquid eyeliner and it's really easy to paint on once you've got used to loading up the little brush. I did a little flick here! I've used it every day since I got it, my Collection 2000 eyeliner is sitting in the shelf looking sad!

It's £10 from Boots.com or in the shop. Plus No7 is 3 for 2 at the moment so you can get the mascara too!

Rating - 8/10. I don't know what a gel eyeliner is like until now, but I'm really pleased with the results of this. I hope it doesn't stay Limited Edition!

P.S. No 7 are holding a "best wink" competition where you can win a pampering weekend in London or one of several goodie bags! All you have to do is send in a photo or video your most gorgeous wink to the No7 Facebook Page and you're in with a chance of winning! It's a little known fact, but I can't wink without creating a hideous, controted face so I'll not show mine... so here's a cats.


Funny Pictures - Winking Cat Gifs




  1. Yay - glad you've discovered gel liner, it's awesome!! The curl on that mascara is surprsingly good aswell, i'm always a bit dubious about their claims...

    Jo xoxo

  2. Yeah I'm normally not very believing in some claims, but I haven't curled my lashes at all so I was actually really impressed!

    And I <3 gel liner. x

  3. Luck girl..I've always wanted to try a gel eyeliner! This one looks good :)
    I wish I could wink but sadly I look like I have a twich when I do it!

  4. The gel eyeliner looks great. I nearly bought this the other day but wasn't sure how well it'd work as I'm used to liquid liner. Thanks for the review! x

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  6. Ooh they both look gorgeous, that mascara looks amazing! I'm a huge mascara fan so I'll HAVE to give this a go when mine runs out!



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