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2 Feb 2011

and the winner is...

Sorry there has been a break on my blog posts. I've been really poorly since Sunday (thank god for scheduled posts for my Monday Collection 2000 post!) Thank you to everyone who entered my blog makeover giveaway. I had loads of entries which was amazing so thank you if you took time to enter and here's a big hi to my new followers :-)

The winner of the giveaway, which included a  Sleek storm palette, some 17 glitter eyeliners, falsies, scrub gloves and 2 popular Barry M nail paints is...

Jennie from Floral Fascination!

Congratulations Jennie! I'll be in contact by email soon!

For everyone else, stay tuned... there's lots more blogging fun to come. As soon as I've gotten over this bug :-(


  1. Congratulations winner ;)

  2. Congratualtions to the winner!
    Hope you fell better soon :)

  3. Congratulations Jennie!

    Hope you feel better now Lauren. Illness seems to be sweeping the blogosphere (I had it last week), it must be on trend or something... ^_^


  4. Haha! Becky, we're so in fashion with our snotty noses and headaches! Xxx


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