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26 Jan 2011

Valentines Ideas... for her

In my series of Valentines ideas, I will be showing you presents for the lovely lady in your life, the gorgeous guy and also yourself!

Disclaimer -I have only ever once received a Valentines present, which was 5 years ago from my first boyfriend (thanks for the giant teddy Matt!). My current boyfriend of 5 years and I have never done anything for Valentines Day so please don't think I endorse the idea of only showing your partner you love them on only one day of the year ;-)

So are you lost for a present to get that gorgeous girl? The traditional presents for a girlfriend or wife are a dozen red roses, chocolates in a heart-shaped box, jewellery and slutty underwear. Well I want to make a break with tradition - here are some presents that the girls REALLY want, twists on the traditional... and not a single item of underwear in sight!

Idea 1: Flowers

Isn't it crazy how prices go sky-high for a bunch of flowers around Valentine's Day. All for some little roses. However I love the concept of FLOWE(RED). They sell flowers from between £22 (for the bunch shown here) to £60 and all profits help fund HIV and AIDS programmes in Africa with a focus on preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV.  

I think this is a totally worthwhile present - your gift of flowers is also a donation to a fantastic cause. FLOWE(RED) are available from here.

Idea 2: Box of delights...

Millie's Cookies have brought out these delightful treats!

The boxes of cookies are £14.99 each and you can choose the message on the giant cookie. Just pop to your nearest Millie's Cookies to see what they have.

Idea 3: Jewellery... with a twist

Everyone knows that the traditional present on Valentines Day is some jewellery... but let's make a break with tradition. Toy Watch is a huge brand who make some really stylish watches. These have been mentioned in all the big magazines (I first heard about them in Style magazine and have wanted one ever since).


The purple chronograph one is £170 and the pink traditional "fluo" watch is £115. They come in a huge range of colours and are really tough against the streses your life put on it. Go check out the range on The Dressing Room website.

So what do you think of these presents? What are you getting the lovely lady in your life?



  1. can you do ideas for a bf? lol xxx

  2. that's out tomorrow at 10am hun :-) x

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  4. Gorgeous post :)
    definately going to be sneakily leaving this on the screen so my boyfriend can see!! x

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