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30 Jan 2011

OOTD - going vintage in a midi-skirt

In my "Predicted Trends for 2011" post, I talked about midi-skirts - calf length, lady like skirts which were a bit hit on the catwalks. I thought I'd quickly show you my effort at this trend with my vintage dress!

I went to see Russell Howard last night in Winchester and this is what I wore:

Excuse the photo - I was twirling whirling round!

What I wore - Vintage 80s dress - from my mum's wardrobe! On my mum this was floor length, but on 5 foot 9 me it was a great way to try the midi-skirt fashion. I paired it with Collection 2000 Cherry Bomb red lipstick (see my review tomorrow morning) to really vintage-up the look and my suede peep-toe flats from New Look.

My verdict - I loved wearing the midi-skirt. It made me feel very feminine and classy. I think I looked smart but in a dressed-down, understated way. I also love that my mum's dress fitted me perfectly. My top tip - go raid some vintage wardrobes, charity shops or car boot sales for this trend girls. The oldies are the besties! Plus I think my kitty cat Button liked it... (couldn't resist showing you my cat!)



  1. Wowee! That looks amazing on you - you have inspired me to go home at the weekend and raid my grannys wardrobe. I am all about granny chic.

    Carol x

  2. Yeah she's a fatty. I inherited her a couple of weeks ago and my god mother fed her 3 packets a day before! Xxx

  3. Thank you. I'm pretty impressed with my find! Xxx

  4. Sorry, shouldn't have assumed 'he' - it's just mine is a boy so I always call them hes! xx

  5. Haha no I'm the same! all cats are she's to me! xxx

  6. The dress looks fab on you!
    I love vintage dresses, I used to be always in the charity shops, but since I moved they aren't as many good finds where I am now.
    I love the cute kitty! :)

  7. You look lovely! I love vintage dresses the most! x

  8. I think vintage is here to stay.
    It never goes out of style!
    And I love how you're working the dress! :-)

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