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21 Jan 2011

OOTD – Black Swan ballet inspired look

Black Swan, the big film of the minute, was released today in the UK. The film is about Nina, a ballerina, who is to play the lead in Swan Lake. Nina has competition though from Lily who is also a great dancer. The lead ballerina in Swan Lake has to play both the White Swan with innocence and grace, and the Black Swan, who represents guile and sensuality. Nina plays the White Swan role perfectly but Lily is perfect to play the Black Swan. This causes Nina begins to get more in touch with her dark side and the film follows her dark progression.

The pictures from Black Swan are beautiful, they look so graceful, really gorgeous. I was inspired by the film for my look today. Sadly I can't wear whatever I want to work, so I added some ballet-type touches. Here's my look:

My hair

I used Schwarzkopf OSiS Texture Dust It Mattifying Powder to boost my roots, the backcombed my hair. I then pulled it into a high ponytail and used a bun doughnut from Claire's Accessories. I smoothed my hair around the doughnut and pinned it all in.

For my face, I used a palette of pinks

I used

I also wore:

 I didn't show my whole outfit because it's just boring trousers! It makes a nice change from a white shirt and jumper, and I liked the makeup and hair.

What do you think of my look? Were you inspired by ballet today? Are you going to see Black Swan tonight?



  1. Oh i can't wait to see Black Swan! Ever since i first saw the photos a couple of months ago i've been so excited! Hopefully getting to see it on Sunday!! Are you going to see it? Wouldn't really describe it as a cult movie though...cult movies are usually those with little box office success or those that haven't become famous through the usual way e.g. Donnie Darko which has only become really big since being out on dvd! Would love to see you do a more dramatic take on this - maybe as a going out look?


  2. yeah cult is the wrong word but I can't think of the right word for "big thing". xxx

  3. Love the ballet-inspired bun!
    I really want to see Black Swan, Natalie Portman looks stunning in the trailers for it. x

  4. I think big film of the minute sums it up perfectly :) I love your hair in this - do you get it highlighted? xxx

  5. I love your hair, it seems so shiny and healthy to me! x and how pretty do you look!

  6. Thanks Yeah I do, I get t bar mesh with bleach and high-lift tint at Tahnee's in Weymouth :-)

  7. I can't wait to see this film, it looks incredible! Your hair looks gorgeous too, I wish mine was anywhere near long enough to try that style out.


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