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24 Jan 2011

Lauren Loves... Pilgrim Jewellery

Have you ever heard of the jewellery brand Pilgrim? I hadn't until they got in touch with me recently and I'm so glad I've discovered them! Their jewellery is stunning and so different, and with prices starting at £21 it's not bad value!

This picture shows items from their new S/S 2011 range which comes out in February. I love the elegance of these pieces. They're beautiful and timeless.

These pictures from their current range show their use of Pandora-like charms and beads

I love the "loving" range they have out for Valentines Day (boyfriends take note!)

This bracelet is £21.90 and also comes with matching necklaces and earrings. A gorgeous present.

I was lucky enough to be sent a bracelet from the Mingle range by Pilgrim's PR people - this bracelet is £27.90 from here and consists of three strands of chain in different colours, which are Silver plated with acrylic and czech stone. It's really eye catching and I love the unusual charms.

I also love these items by Pilgrim:

Purple classic earrings - £3.90. They remind me of the Angel perfume bottle!

Independence ring - £21.90

I also really loved checking out their charms, go have a play on the Charm Creator! See the bracelet I created.

Have you ever heard of Pilgrim before? I think I'll show the heart bracelet to my boyfriend...



  1. Beautiful! Hadn't heard of Pilgrim before, but will definitely look into them now. I agree, the heart bracelet is fantastic!

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