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14 Jan 2011

Lauren Loves… Agony Aunt?

As a trainee Psychologist, sometimes people do use me as an agony aunt and I quite enjoy doing it (dream job - Agony Aunt and Clinical Psychologist in Cosmo magazine! Watch out Dr Linda Papadopoulos, I'm coming for your job)

So if you have any issues you'd like another opinion on, including from commenters (and don't worry, my readers are really lovely and helpful) or just from me, email me. Your questions or stories will be kept anonymous, nobody will know who wrote in; or you can formspring me your questions anonymously - you can find my formspring here.

Issues we can help with:

  • Fashion advice

  • Relationships and life advice

  • Advice on dealing with friends

  • Advice on blogging (from other bloggers too! Not just me, I don't know that much!)

  • Shopping advice

  • Employment and job advice

Come give us a go!


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