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12 Jan 2011

The fashion challenge…

This jumpsuit should be a crime of fashion. Everything about it screams "you'll regret wearing me" and yet I am strangely intrigued by it.


Obviously this would be a major camel-toe hazard, and would cause some underwear issues - it would be as much of a crime as wearing a pair of leggings with a normal t-shirt... and yet I'm still interested in wearing it.

So the challenge - tell me, show me with links, or create on Polyvore what you would wear with this jumpsuit or unitard to make it fashionable and acceptable.

For example, I'd team it with this black sequin lantern skirt for a different evening look

If you're also strangely interested, the Asos long sleeve slash back unitard and costs £30.00 from here and the lantern skirt is reduced to £10 at Rare.



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  2. Lauren - Shirin used that jumpsuit in her music video - although it was the sleeveless version. Think it is a very difficult one to pull off though and worked for her because she's a tiny little thing! If you have a few lumps and bumps it would be very unforgiving!!!

  3. On Project Runway, there was a jumpsuit which was amaaaaaazing

    see at http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_FW86_jO7k_A/TFwR_jh_T9I/AAAAAAAB6FQ/FHCd6e_hkxo/s1600/Project%2BRunway%2BSeason%2B8%2BEpisode%2B2%2BGretchen%2BJones%2B17.jpg


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