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31 Jan 2011

Collection 2000 Spring Releases Review

As a fan of Collection 2000 products (I wear their liquid eyeliner every day!) I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new Collection 2000 products to review. The majority of these products are out in February and March so here's a sneaky peek! 
Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara 


This mascara, due out mid February is £4.99 and promises to lengthen, de-clump and define lashes - that's a good price for that kind of product... here's the results. 


What do you think? I really like it. The brush is shaped in a way where one half has longer bristles than the other half features shorter bristles for the smaller lashes.

I was really impressed by this mascara - I even used it for my graduation rather than my trusty MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara. Try it out for a cheap, lengthening mascara - plus the shorter bristles are really handy.

Collection 2000 Lock and Hold Lipgloss

This new lipgloss, also out in mid March is £2.99.

I got the colours "Beat Box" - a dark pink, and "Twisted Disco" - a lilac colour.

Beat Box - a lovely pink colour. I really like this shade. A lovely coverage, looks great on bare lips or over lipsticks.

Twisted Disco - a lilac colour. I'm not so sure about this colour. It really doesn't suit me! It doesn't give a very thick coverage - like a regular lipgloss, but I think it can be layered up to give a very lilac colour.

The brush is a strange wedge shape which I've never seen before but it works very well. It's narrow enough for an accurate application and loads up well with gloss. This lipgloss is supposed to last 6 hours. I don't know if it lasts that long (I can't go less than 6 hours without eating!) but it does last until you eat!

Collection 2000 Volume Sensation lipstick

This lipstick, out in February also, is £2.99 and is designed to boost your pout and plump your lips. It comes in a huge range of colours, I tested out Peachy Keen and Pretty Pink. You can really feel it tingle when you put it on. I don't know if it plumps any more than Soap and Glory's "Sexy Motherpucker" but it does have the same effect.

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen is a shimmery peach colour with a gold sheen. It's a really warm, pinky peach colour and it's very flattering. As you can see it does highlight how dry my lips are but if you have moisturised lips then it'll look gorgeous.

Pretty Please

This rosy pink really pops! I'm delighted with this shimmery pink colour, even though it does cling to the dry spots. A great coral-pink lipstick.

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour lipstick

This lipstick really packs a colourful punch! If you're looking for a bright colour, you're looking at the right lipstick. I was sent the colours Cherry Bomb and Mudslide which are very vibrant! It's £3.49 and totally worth a try. I really like this formula.

Cherry Bomb

This is THE red lipstick! It's a perfect red lipstick and has a slightly orangey tone. I really love this, I think it suits me!


Purple isn't really my colour! This deep purple-brown is really fantastic and gives great colour payoff. It looks very "gothic" on me. If you're looking for an unusual purple lipstick though, this is the one. It's a very wearable purple, definitely one that could be worked by other girls. It reminds me of the dark lipstick worn by the girls on X-Factor in 2010.


Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation

This air-whipped fluid foundation is very fluid and dewey. It gives a light finish which is quite sheer and natural.


As you can see, there is a lovely sheen to this product, great for dry skin and gives that lovely healthy glow. I think personally I'd prefer a better coverage because my skin is terrible at the minute, but for someone looking for a tinted-moisturiser effect this is perfect. This foundation also bosts SPF 20 to protect your skin on a daily basis. It's £4.99.


Collection 2000 Ultimate Fix Foundation

This foundation is a very clever solid-to-liquid formula which gives a really full coverage and acts as concealer, foundation and powder. This foundation gives a matte finish, which showed up the dry spots around my nose, but would be fantastic for the summer to keep your face fresh and non-oily. I also love that it comes contained within a set containing an applicator and a mirror for touch-ups on the go. It's SPF 15 and available from mid-March for £4.99.

All these items will be available from the Collection 2000 website, Boots and Superdrug

P.S. My cat, Button, was trying to help with the photos! Although she's a bit scared of my boyfriend's pop-up light tent!



30 Jan 2011

OOTD - going vintage in a midi-skirt

In my "Predicted Trends for 2011" post, I talked about midi-skirts - calf length, lady like skirts which were a bit hit on the catwalks. I thought I'd quickly show you my effort at this trend with my vintage dress!

I went to see Russell Howard last night in Winchester and this is what I wore:

Excuse the photo - I was twirling whirling round!

What I wore - Vintage 80s dress - from my mum's wardrobe! On my mum this was floor length, but on 5 foot 9 me it was a great way to try the midi-skirt fashion. I paired it with Collection 2000 Cherry Bomb red lipstick (see my review tomorrow morning) to really vintage-up the look and my suede peep-toe flats from New Look.

My verdict - I loved wearing the midi-skirt. It made me feel very feminine and classy. I think I looked smart but in a dressed-down, understated way. I also love that my mum's dress fitted me perfectly. My top tip - go raid some vintage wardrobes, charity shops or car boot sales for this trend girls. The oldies are the besties! Plus I think my kitty cat Button liked it... (couldn't resist showing you my cat!)


29 Jan 2011

Personal Post... My Graduation!

Here's a totally personal post - I graduated yesterday! I got a distinction in my Master's degree as a Psychologist!

Here's what I wore:

  • Robes - from University!

  • Dress and Shoes - Marks & Spencer

And here is my face!

I wore:

  • Diorskin Nude Hydrating Foundation (see review here)

  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer

  • Barry M Blusher in Strawberry (pictures here)

  • MeMeMe flawless concealer under eyes (see review here)

  • Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner

  • Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara (due out next month - come back on Monday for a review!)

  • MAC Girl About Town lipstick

I had my hair tucked into my coat because it was FREEZING in Brighton - I promise it's still waist length!

Sorry if this was boring - I was so excited I had to tell you girls!


28 Jan 2011

Valentines ideas... for yourself

Are you spending Valentines at home, treating yourself? Well then here's my treats for you!

Step 1: Get home and put on your best slippers

These super-cosy fuggs  (fake uggs) are my favourite thing ever. I actually have 2 pairs, a black pair for wearing out (!) and a purple pair for home! (Sad I know). They are lined with super-cosy faux fur which keep your feet so warm, and have secret-support so are actually good for you!

This pair are £15 from Marks and Spencer

Step 2: Light a lovely candle

These beautiful candles are from St Eval Candle Company. They come in ivory or pink colours and also fragranced! You can choose between unfragranced, rose scented or lily of the valley scented. I have the pink rose scented one and it smells devine! I don't want to burn it - it's too pretty!

This candle is £18.80 from here

Step 3: Have a soothing bath

Valentines is a Monday so I'm sure the majority of us are going to be absolutely exhausted. Treat yourself to a bath, pour in Soap & Glory's Calm One, Calm All bubble bath (it's £5.11 from Boots). Sooth yourself with the lovely scent, exfoliate and moisturise when you get out.

Step 4: Make yourself a cheeky cocktail

This tasty looking tipple is the Cointreau French Kiss! It's a tutti-fruity cocktail and delicious! Hoe do you make it?

  • 37.5ml Cointreau

  • Flesh from 1 ripe large passion fruit

  • 15ml lemon juice

  • 5ml sugar syrup

Scoop flesh from the passion fruit and add all the other ingredients into a shaker. Shake and fine strain into a chilled Martini glass.

Hope you have a lovely night in


27 Jan 2011

Valentines Ideas... for him

Ok, so we've done the girls... now let's do the boys! Boys are so hard to buy for, so with their presents I'm going for less of a lovvey-dovvey theme and more of a gifts they actually want theme!

Gift Idea 1: Some cool headphones

These earphones are awesome! These are the Urbanears Plattan Headphones and come in a HUGE range of colours including black, sky blue and purple. A great gift for any stylish music lover in your life. Plus they come with a special "Zound" port which means that you can also plug your earphones in and listen to what he's listening to! How cute!

Here's the Techy stuff: 
- 120cm / 47'' fabric cord
- 3.5mm stereo plug
- Compatible with all standard music players
- Mic and remote compatible with most Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and iPhones
- One year premium replacement warranty
- Frequency response: 20-20kHz
- Impedance: 32ohms
- Sensitivity: 112dB
- Max imput power: 40mW

They are £49.99 (is this a good price for headphones? I know nothing about them) and are available from Surfdrome

Gift Idea 2: Funky undies

I know I "banned" underwear from the women's ideas post, but there is a good reason to include undies in the boys post - because most boys out there are wearing million-year-old, holey undies and need some new ones! The undies here are by Rokola Rock Undies and come in some fantastic colours and patterns.

These colourful characters are currently £7.67 because everything on the website is 10% off until Valentines Day! Check out the website for some equally colourful and funky designs.

Plus they have swimwear coming out soon - I love this pair of trunks!

If you are looking for something a bit more expensive, look no further than posh French brand Pull-in, who also do ladies underwear. Their men's boxers are around £35 and come in lots of trendy patterns including cupcakes and iPhone apps!

and the exciting news is, I think these are magic underwear (although the coy French website doesn't state that explicitly) and there is a tag for men's "technical  underwear"! After all, why should women be the only ones who can wear Spanx?!


Gift Idea 3: Liz Earle goodies for men

Us girls love Liz Earle products, so why should we save it for just ourselves? Liz Earle's range for men is just as great for sensitive male skin. The shave essentials kit by Liz Earle contains sensitive shaving cream, after-shave moisturiser and a hot cloth, and you can also get the famous Cleanse and Polish for men too! This kit with washbag is £28.35

Gift Idea 4: something different

 Tired of all the same presents? How about something unique?

This "Rack Oh Deer" coat hook is made of copper and is a very unusual way to hang your coats. It's £25 from Dutch by Design and if you're feeling flash with your cash, there is also a long rack with several pairs of antlers for £45.


What will you be asking for boys?





26 Jan 2011

Valentines Ideas... for her

In my series of Valentines ideas, I will be showing you presents for the lovely lady in your life, the gorgeous guy and also yourself!

Disclaimer -I have only ever once received a Valentines present, which was 5 years ago from my first boyfriend (thanks for the giant teddy Matt!). My current boyfriend of 5 years and I have never done anything for Valentines Day so please don't think I endorse the idea of only showing your partner you love them on only one day of the year ;-)

So are you lost for a present to get that gorgeous girl? The traditional presents for a girlfriend or wife are a dozen red roses, chocolates in a heart-shaped box, jewellery and slutty underwear. Well I want to make a break with tradition - here are some presents that the girls REALLY want, twists on the traditional... and not a single item of underwear in sight!

Idea 1: Flowers

Isn't it crazy how prices go sky-high for a bunch of flowers around Valentine's Day. All for some little roses. However I love the concept of FLOWE(RED). They sell flowers from between £22 (for the bunch shown here) to £60 and all profits help fund HIV and AIDS programmes in Africa with a focus on preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV.  

I think this is a totally worthwhile present - your gift of flowers is also a donation to a fantastic cause. FLOWE(RED) are available from here.

Idea 2: Box of delights...

Millie's Cookies have brought out these delightful treats!

The boxes of cookies are £14.99 each and you can choose the message on the giant cookie. Just pop to your nearest Millie's Cookies to see what they have.

Idea 3: Jewellery... with a twist

Everyone knows that the traditional present on Valentines Day is some jewellery... but let's make a break with tradition. Toy Watch is a huge brand who make some really stylish watches. These have been mentioned in all the big magazines (I first heard about them in Style magazine and have wanted one ever since).


The purple chronograph one is £170 and the pink traditional "fluo" watch is £115. They come in a huge range of colours and are really tough against the streses your life put on it. Go check out the range on The Dressing Room website.

So what do you think of these presents? What are you getting the lovely lady in your life?


25 Jan 2011

France gives makeup lessons to unemployed women

I read this on Yahoo news today, the Pole Emploi agency in France is giving long-term unemployed women makeovers.

They say that the scheme has been set up to boost the confidence of women who have been out of work for years and too busy -- or simply too discouraged -- to worry about their appearance. The target audience are women returning to work after a break to having a family which I think is a fantastic boost, but concerning, the makeup artist who was behind this - Regine Ferrere, says that his is better than sending them to a psychologist...

The basic lessons being taught are that applicant should have clear skin, sparkly looking eyes and wear colours which suit your skin tone, but are also given confidence boosting advice throughout the day.

My verdict? It's fantastic that they are giving women a confidence boost, giving these women a bit more self-esteem and confidence so when they go to interviews, they know they are presenting the best possible "face" (quite literally) that they can. However, I would be concerned that this boost wouldn't be maintained the minute these women go back to the home environment. These women need to develop a supportive social network outside of their family, possibly of women who are employed, to give them that daily boost and feeling of self-worth within an adult environment. Furthermore, I hope the employers have a good support service to ease these women back into the workplace and let them know they have flexibility to start work in the way they need to.

What do you think about this scheme? Do you agree with it, disagree with it, or like me think that it's a good boost, but these confidence increases need to be maintained?


24 Jan 2011

Lauren Loves... Pilgrim Jewellery

Have you ever heard of the jewellery brand Pilgrim? I hadn't until they got in touch with me recently and I'm so glad I've discovered them! Their jewellery is stunning and so different, and with prices starting at £21 it's not bad value!

This picture shows items from their new S/S 2011 range which comes out in February. I love the elegance of these pieces. They're beautiful and timeless.

These pictures from their current range show their use of Pandora-like charms and beads

I love the "loving" range they have out for Valentines Day (boyfriends take note!)

This bracelet is £21.90 and also comes with matching necklaces and earrings. A gorgeous present.

I was lucky enough to be sent a bracelet from the Mingle range by Pilgrim's PR people - this bracelet is £27.90 from here and consists of three strands of chain in different colours, which are Silver plated with acrylic and czech stone. It's really eye catching and I love the unusual charms.

I also love these items by Pilgrim:

Purple classic earrings - £3.90. They remind me of the Angel perfume bottle!

Independence ring - £21.90

I also really loved checking out their charms, go have a play on the Charm Creator! See the bracelet I created.

Have you ever heard of Pilgrim before? I think I'll show the heart bracelet to my boyfriend...

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