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11 Dec 2010

Lauren hates crimes of fashion!

Normally I love crimes of fashion, but this time it makes my eyes melt! What am I referring to?

FUR LINED CROCS or Mammoth Uggs.

That's right, they went there. Yuck. Here's some pictures.

I don't think I even have to discuss why these are a crime of fashion. But I'd love to know what was going on in the designer's mind! It must have been something like this: "crocs are shoes with holes in right? They keep your feet cool right? Well then I think we need to add a fur lining!".


Hope I haven't upset you girls too much with this hideous sight!



  1. Those are possibly the most hideous things I've ever seen! I didn't think it was possible for crocs to get any worse, but you've proven me wrong!

  2. Crocs are such a no no, thanks for sharing these hideous crimes of fashion. x

  3. Sick! The chef in the restaurant I worked in in NY wore Crocs to work and when my parents visited my my dad got it into his head that they were 'cool' and wanted to get a pair, I FORBADE him!

    Burn the Blonde

  4. OMG they can't be serious! These are worst than UGGs!

  5. They are hideous! I hate crocs and uggs - so as you can imagine these are my worst nightmare!


  6. Dreams That Glitter xoxoMon Dec 13, 10:17:00 pm GMT

    They are SO, SO, WROOOOOOONG!!!!


  7. oh my... speechless. Am I seeing this right?! Vile!

  8. They upset me so much! what is the world coming to?!
    I'm going to start a rumour on the internet that if you buy them a kitten will die...


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