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26 Nov 2010

I did my own Minx nails!

Can you do Minx nails at home? The answer is yes! Following on from my last post about doing Minx at home with the Rio nail foils, I thought I'd give REAL Minx a go.

A very good friend, Treebs told me that she'd bought Minx online, on eBay and applied it herself using her hairdryer and it actually works. In fact it even admits on the Minx website that you can use your hairdryer at home (although due to the inconsistent heat etc it's not as good as ones done by professionals - as VERY bitchily told to us by the girls on The Salon Geek. Go on, click the link and get as annoyed as I did at us "non-professionals" who clearly know nothing about doing our own nails *rolls eyes*)

Anyway... I bought two sets of Minx "stickers" from eBay, types Golden Lightning Cheetah and Silver Lightning.

And I applied them using my hairdryer... TA DA!

What do you think? I LOVE them! They're so smooth and stuck on well, I feel really proud of myself. And they worked much better than the Rio ones!

Here's the photo of the Rio ones for comparison - baaaad!

Here's how I did it
  1. Remove your nailvarnish, wash hands, shape nails, push back cuticles etc to prepare.
  2. Double check which Minx foil fits each fingernail (they're numbered)
  3. Warm your hands with the hairdryer
  4. Heat the minx foil you want for your first nail (only on the lowest setting of your hairdryer)
  5. When it's warm, peel it off and stick it to your nail, a little gap from the cuticle, and pull it taught over your nail to prevent any wrinkles
  6. Re-heat with the hairdryer and press it around the edges with a hoof stick
  7. Trim the excess and leave the minx to cool
  8. File the edges to seal them. REMEMBER to file from the outside to the middle - DON'T SEE-SAW!
So... are you going to give it a go? I think it's worth trying them once. I don't think they'll last long (about 4 days apparently when you do them yourself) but that's perfect for the weekend. I'll let you know how they weather.



  1. These look so good , did you find them easy to apply?
    They are perfect for the Xmas period :)

  2. Yeah really easy. I'd definitely do them again. They take a while but I kinda enjoy doing it so it's ok :-)

  3. Love these, seems a bit tricky though? I got similar nail stickers in Sephora before, you just stuck them on to your nails, no fuss, and hey presto! They lasted over a week!

    Sarah from Burn the Blonde XXXX

  4. Definitely going to ask for some of these for Christmas! Been wanting to do my nails shiny gold for AGES! Do they do just plain gold ones?


  5. Yeah they do :-) Go on the minx website for the full range xxx

  6. Wow these look amazing and really professional. Think i may have to and do this as i have some of these stickers at home.
    Kelly x

  7. These turned out fantastic!

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone. I am really proud of them. Maybe my true calling isn't psychology!

  9. Wowzers these look fabby-dabby! I think i'll head over to ebay right now, do you know if you can apply them to false nails? love this blog .. please follwo me to if your not already

    kirsty x


  10. i've ordered some! will keep u posted on my progress! :S
    vicki :D

  11. OMG they look amazing!! I definitely want to try these out. How would you remove them? Acetone nail polish remover? x


  12. Hey girls

    Kirsty - I'm following you! Thanks for the compliments! Also I don't know if they can go over false nails cos they're stick and might ruin the surface of your nails when you peek them off

    Jade - you heat them up again and use a hoof stick to peel them up at the sides.


  13. LipglossAndLeopardPrint.Fri Nov 26, 08:25:00 pm GMT

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR NAILS! I wanna get my nails minxed! x

  14. I LOVE how that looks!

  15. Hi Lauren, I was just reading through your blog and come across this post. Please don't take what I'm about to say against you but more of an indication.

    When you train to become a nail tech you learn about the nails, how they work, how they live and breath, and how to notice when something is wrong. When your not trained, you may not know what to do when something does go wrong.

    Minx is a salon only product when you buy as a nail tech there is very limited places to purchase it as a trade. Even Minx do not sell it retail.

    Minx only sell it direct to professionals after production of certificates of qualifications.

    When you buy it from Ebay you will pay just as much as you would if you get the treatment done in a salon.

    Our industry isn't protected by laws etc, so when we have non-qualified people ask us how to apply our professional only treatment it will annoy us somewhat.

    SalonGeek is a great forum for trade professionals, you get great advice, help and a chance to have a yap with others that know what you mean. They also have a consumers section in which they will try there best to help with any questions, advice or problems.

    Great blog though. =)

  16. I love minx, but when I looked on ebay, they are really more expensive when you include the postage than my nail lady charges for minx AND application!! Will carry on going to the salon as I LOVE minx xx

  17. Wow! If your salon are really charging the same as the £10 foils which come with free postage on eBay then I don't blame you for still going there! That's an amazing deal. Most normal salons in my area want £30 plus! Xxx

  18. Lauren, as you have stated on another forum, you have an extremely well paid job. I struggle to see why you clearly begrudge others making a living, from the suppliers, distributors and nail techs.
    I am not personally a nail tech, but I find your blog disturbing. Do you wish for nail techs to be unemployed? or simply working for slumdog pay so that you can continue to have what they alone should be providing, but for no money?
    Please let me know your motivation as I am really interested.

  19. I think perhaps anonymous was the same person as 'Redz', and if not I'm sorry - I'm a very cynical person. Lauren I think it's fantastic you're showing us normal girls how to use salon products. Yes we haven't been trained, but at the end of the day if you can do it yourself with a hairdryer and they look this good then why not! I cut my own hair; I haven't been trained but I like to spend the £40 I save on shoes, and I like the sense of achievement! By all means go to a salon to get your salon products if you can afford it, but if you can't then you don't have to miss out - get yourself on ebay and teach yourself!

  20. here here lauren! i know salons in our area are definately wanting more than i paid for mine on ebay to apply minx. im happy with the ones i ordered and applied myself. im sure if i could afford to go to the salons and be pampered i certainly would but for now im following your advice! :D xx

  21. Dawn not all Psychologists earn a lot of money, it depends where you are on the career ladder. If lauren ever expressed she is well paid I'm sure it's in relation to her recent skint days as a student. There's no need to get personal and bring her income into this. Even if she was loaded she's still got a right to have a go at trying something herself without being accused of wanting people to be unemployed! Under your logic we should all be getting taxis around, even if we can drive, so as not to begrudge taxi drivers making a living! It's a bit harsh to say by Lauren encouraging us to try 'professional only' products herself she wants nail techs to be unemployed. This is obviously not her motivation and it's a low blow to say so. Surely it would be a better line of attack to explain the reasons why nail techs alone should be providing these products? As long as girls adhere to any warning labels I can't see why this is the case.

  22. PS: Lauren I just want to say that I love your blog. It's nice to know that there's a place for recession-savvy women to get intelligent, honest beauty advice. Magazine articles are always biased to who's advertising on the next page, and many other blogs fail to explain the science and logic behind it all and instead adopt a patronising tone. You need either a large bank balance or a brain to be beautiful these days, so thank god you're around Lauren to provide us with some brain cells! x

  23. Thanks for our comments sarah

    Dawn - as sarah stated I have just qualified as a paycholoist and am now in thousands of pounds of student debt and have yet to complete a doctorate before I am a chartered psychologist so please don't judge me. I currently work for a small wage, helping those who have suffered stroke and brain damage, and I have an extra weekend job too working with disabled children to make enough money to live so I'd like you to realise that I am actually not a bad person or a rich person trying to make others unemployed.

    The aim of beauty blogs is to investigate trends, try them out and show their readers what happened. You will see many failures in my blog such as the rio fills and a few lipsticks but once in a while i do ok at something so I also show that to my readers. I think my readership understand that if they want a professional service which will last more than a weekend like my minx did then they should go to a real salon.

    I am not the baddy here - it is those selling minx on eBay surely? And as someone on salon geek pointed out - you can but nailvarnish in shops but people still go to nail technicians to get manicures.

    I enjoy talking about this, but in the other forum you disclosed, which I won't put the link up for, the participants are being petty, rude and personal when we could be having a civil conversation like I had with redz2486 by email earlier today.

  24. Why is everybody so angry, this is a great blog, with great, helpful tips. And, as great as it is, im sure ONE blog post isnt going to bring down an entire industry.

    Love your blogging Lauren, keep at it.

    @koodle xx

  25. HAHAHA how obvious is it that Redz is the same person as anonymous and how can this lovely little blog possible be describes as 'disturbing', LOL! x

  26. There are a million products for sale in boots and superdrug. Why not pick one and blog about that? Why choose to step on the toes of a whole industry? Minx is a professional use only product, and I think you should respect that.
    It comes with no instructions. That's because people PAY to go and get trained in it's correct use.
    For someone so obviously intelligent Lauren, I gotta say, you are coming across as "not getting" why people who have invested time and money in their careers are upset with you.
    There are lots of people who do minx as part of their living, not as a hobby, or fun. As such, that is why I find your blog disturbing.

  27. Actually Cheryl, I think you will find I am not any of the others, and I have spoke to Lauren regarding my comment, even she will confirm that.

    Thank you

  28. Great blog, however, I think it might be a little misleading for readers who don't really know much about minx or nails.

    Minx is professional only (I know you bought off Ebay, but beware they are well known for selling fakes and will not be authorised sellers of real Minx).

    Yes, you have done a good job of them as an unqualified nail tech, but to clarify, Minx should last at least a couple of weeks, in some cases sets of toes have been known to last for around two months. The reason a home job will not last anywhere near as long is because it is not the correct method of application. Even from that picture, I can see they are not as neat as Minx should be.

    I am not trying to have a go at you, I just think its fair that your readers know the difference between professional and non-professional application of Minx.

    Yes, there are high street versions of similar products, but they have different application methods which are suitable for unprofessional use, and don't require special heat lamps.

    To have something covering your nail plate for weeks, you need to beware of contra-indications, as you can't see whats going on underneath the Minx,which is part of the reason non-professional nail wraps are only made to last a couple of days. A lot of people who do their own nail enhancements have nail conditions and disorders and don't realise it because they cannot see it.

    I am not saying you shouldn't blog about things like this, I just think that as you are not qualified and Minx is professional only, you cannot possibly compare a home job to a salon job.

    Nail techs see a lot of clients who have ruined their nails from doing things like this. I know it seems harmless as there are no chemicals or tools involved, but as a non professional you will not know the problems that can arise from things like this, which is why some products are professional only, as adequate training and knowledge is required to prevent problems or nail damage.

  29. Thanks for your comment anonymous. I agree the points you raise are very important and I neglected to mention about the nail bed factors etc, as I thought that a shelf-life of 4 days when you do it yourself should be safe enough. However if I do another post involving nails then I will be more careful to think about the more technical side such as nail bed preparation etc.

    I didn't say my minx was as good as a salon, and I'm sure my readers will recognise this - however for a short-term try it's quite fun to do I'm sure you'll agree.

    Thank you again for your comment, and for the information on nails. I really appreciate the comment.

    Lauren x

  30. Lauren - I am also on Geek but didn't comment there as I felt that the Geeks had beena little out of turn and didn't want to get involved!

    I love the idea of someone trying out home use produvts and letting other consumers know how good or bad they are.

    Whilst I agree that Minx is a professional product and I wholeheartedly agree with the points raised by Anon about contra-indications and such like, there are systems out there for the public and there are also traders who will happily sell pro products to line their pockets.

    I am not Minx trained, have no wish to be at present as I am training in enhancements and nail art - the art being my biggest passion.

    Perhaps one of the more professionally trained Geeks could offer to contribute to your blog to help with the technical side of nails and to ensure that your followers can see some of the problems they can face with certain home products :D xx

  31. Thank you for your comment fab. I agree, it would be great to get professional input, I am realising more and more that many members of the beauty industry are very anti sharing their knowledge and skills which is a shame as their input would really help everyone who attempts a beauty treatment at home on those months they are broke.

    Thank you for your helpful comment. Good luck with the nail art! X

  32. Thanks for the reply to my comment, I'm glad you didn't take it the wrong way as I really didn't want to come across as being rude. I did enjoy reading your blog, keep it up :)

    I know a lot of people in the beauty industry don't always like to share too much, but this is because a lot of business is lost due to girls doing DIY jobs and thinking they know what they are doing when they don't (not meaning you here) but marketing is mostly to blame for that, as high street products are very often advertised as being as good as the professional versions, when they almost always aren't. and also because we train hard and put a lot of money into building on our skills. It can be a very difficult job, its so much more than sitting around looking pretty and painting nails (as I'm sure you will appreciate). Its nothing personal, its just that it doesn't make sense to do all that and give free advice and training away so that nobody needs us!!

    Anyways, I think all this has just been due to a simple misunderstanding. Maybe you should invest in a course? I'm sure you would enjoy it, and would be a great way to earn extra cash (I read that you are in student debt!)

    You share a passion that most girls have, it would be wrong to criticize you for experimenting and being creative - that's how most professionals start out!! xXx

  33. Hey, which ebay seller did you get them from? :) x

  34. Can't remember I'm afraid. It was ages ago! X

  35. Hi!
    Love your post! I've previously tried Nail Rock which they sell at asos.com and topshop.com. Loved the look, but I can't seem to get them to stick properly! I always get small gaps at the tip of my nail, which makes them last much shorter... Maybe it's due to Nail Rock stickers being thicker than minx seem to be + my nails being sligthly curved both horizontally and vertically. Do you get this problem when applying minx?

    Also, I scimmed through the discussion regarding this post, and can you really damage your nails applying minx at home?? Or are you talking about discovering, and then be able to treat, other types of nail damage and disease?

    I have a BSc in International Marketing and Business and am currently working on my master's degree, and I think there's one important aspect that's doesn't seem to be taken into account by any of you. And that's cold hard business and branding! Luxery vs. mid.range vs. budget/high street is no coinsidence! Each segment has lots of potential customers, and also potential competitors! And don't think it's a given that luxury gives higher total profits!

    Not that I'm accusing Minx of doing anything wrong. After all, business makes the world go round! If there's profit to be made in the budget segment, competitors will soon catch up. -As they are starting to! Just look at blinxz!

    Also, if a product is hard to use for "amateurs", selling it commersieally simply won't work because the customers will be dissatisfied with the product! Then it's best left to professionals!

    Although this discossion seems to be dead by now, I couldn't resist adding a comment! If you really can damage your nails by using minx, then I don't blame the nail techs for being upset. But making them unemployed by doing it yourselves?? Come on.... The whole experience of getting your nails done by a professional is so much more than getting access to a thin sheet of fancy foil! -If you can afford it, that is! Don't underestimate the demand for your services, nail techs!

  36. I think the so called annoymous is a knob, im a professional nail tech and beautician for 10 years now, for gods sake if the Lauren wants to save some money and bloody do them her self, then good for her, they look fab, well done for giving it a try, like you say people cut there own hair, and colour it themselves i no i have in the past, its not like your setting up your own business doing nails etc on the side and and being paid for it!!!!!!!!
    If your good enough at your job annoymous then you should t be so worried lmfao

  37. Hi im a qualified beautician and have tried to find out where i can go and train to do the minx nails have you any info so i can contact to do this thank you x

  38. No I don't I'm afraid. Maybe try contacting your local beauty college? x

  39. Ellisons Training Academy

  40. I've just tried this on my toes as I don't like anyone touching my feet! I wouldn't try it on my finger nails as I go to a nail tech for that. Its looking fab at the moment. Will let you know how it lasts.

  41. Hi,

    I have only just come across this blog and would just like to say there is nothing wrong with doin minx etc at home, There are people out there that cant afford to spend 20 odd pounds on having nails done so why should they miss out? if you can buy minx online cheper why not do them yoursleves?
    I am a training nail tech and have no problems at all with people doing it at home x
    I think its stupid to say it should only be nail techs as you could aply that to anything, hairdressing, i cut my own hair at home! @DAWN so you could also say that i cant cook at home for putting chefs out of work? etc its stupid to say something like that there are alot of professions/skills that can be done at home i would like to see your monthly outgoings if thats what you believe in!! x lou x

  42. I love them! You did a super fab job!!!!!!!!!! How long did they end up lasting?

  43. Hello Lauren,
    Great job on your nails, they look fantastic! You have inspired me to do the same :) I love minx too, but they are very expensive. I will try it at home for a laugh, hope they turn out as nice as yours! There have been many vaild points on here, I am also a student, not everyone can afford £30 a pop nails. Also, I would not expect my nails to turn out as well as they would with a professional. If it was a special ocassion, and I wanted them to be perfect then I would go to a salon. But for a night out this seems like the better option.

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  45. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the "bitchyness" on SalonGeek...

    There really is no need for it... I am 'professionally trained' in all aspects of nail enhancements but I always reply politely to posts on SalonGeek as I know how I was once that girl looking into to world of nails and seeking advice before taking the plunge to a change of career.

    Your minx application looks great btw! How long did they last for you?


  46. Hello

    I sell all the minx nails please email me if interested they £9.00 + £0.50 postage per strip which has 10 finger templates and 10 toe templates.


    Kind Regards

  47. Hi

    I am a degree qualified beauty & holistic therapist and just came across your post by accident and was amused at some of the comments and views put forward but non and professional people. In this day and age you can buy most things now on the internet so brands aren't so exclusive and you can buy them from places like ebay. But its not just a site that sells to jo public but also is a cheaper way for us professionals , who are maybe mobile, to buy equipment at a more affordable price especially in this finacial climate where small businesses are struggling so much, so not all sellers are out to make a fast buck on there but are also providing items cheaper as they know doubt buy in bulk!!! As for taking jobs away from others i cant see that as beauty is a booming business and there will always be people who use professionals as well as doing it themselves. I dye my own hair but my hairdresser doesn't critise me and at some points has given me advice on colour etc as she knows i cant afford to get it done at the salon, as can't a lot of people nowdays. Its all about understanding the clients needs which included finacially!! If people want to experiment at home that is their perogative hence why you can buy hair dye, nail varnish, wax strips etc in the shops BUT i do understand from a professional point of view why some therapits, technicians are hesitant to give away tips etc due to the risks. Unfortunately when people think of beauticians, hairdressers etc they think its an easy occupation to get into and not much to learn and a lot of people,and i am generalising here so dont shot me for saying this, think we are bimbos with no brains, just slap a bit of cream on, massage it in and hey a facial while asking where you are going on holiday this year!! What they dont realise is how wrong that is and how much we do have to learn about the skin, the anatomy and physiology of the body, its bones, hair growth, different skin types etc and how doing certain treatments can actually harm you and/or cause disfigurments or reactions that can scar you for life if done incorrectly or if you already have a pre exsisting condition that could become worse. So we do err on the side of caution , I was gobsmacked when i discovered you could buy eyelash perming kits from a well know retailer on the high street,aimed at youngsters, do that wrong you could end up blind or serious damage to your eyes!! I did warn friends against doing it even it did have a dvd on how to achieve the perfect permed lashed, attached!!! With nails though, yes people may not know they have a nail condition and wearing foils could make it worse etc but its no different from the same people buying falsies or painting their nails and just constantly topping it up without letting the nail breath at all. Many a friend i know has asked me why their nails have gone a funny colour once summer was over and on asking if they actually went without polish at all over the summer and they said no , I explained that there was the problem they didnt let their nails breath as the need oxygen and light t keep them healthy!! But that doesnt stop them doing it year after year, after year then complaining they have disgusting toe nails, so you are never going to stop people so the next best thing is just advise people on the pro's and cons of doing treatments at home. most of know they wont last as long as a professional treatment and a lot of us just do it for a special occasion or holiday but all i would advise is if you do try a new product thats a professional make 1 - also put a disclaimer that you are not held accountable if others want to try your suggestion and 2- just add a section on do's and don't on the product then people can choice themselves if they want to do it themselves or not take the risk and get it done professionaly.
    they do look fab though and i think you have handled yourself very professionally throughout your blog x

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