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23 Nov 2010

Controversial - Lauren doesn't like Lanvin for H&M!

I know a lot of girls are going mad for the new Lanvin Loves H&M collection (and I know who you are girls, I saw your twitter comments this morning!) But I am not a fan of the new Lanvin collection that some people were queueing overnight for! Sorry!

I'll tell you my reasons why:
  • Firstly while the dresses are fashionable and wearable, they just seem to be the same old dresses that you could get in other shops like Lipsy, or H&M but with a Lanvin label and a bigger price tag.
  • Secondly, they appear to have made the same dress in several colours, to increase the size of the collection but with few designs
  • Thirdly, I'm not a fan of H&M in general. I have yet to buy something from there which looks good quality and is made well so I would presume that these items are the same sadly. My problem with H&M's quality isn't that it's poor, it's just the stitching is often wrong or gappy and in my experience the material is often thin.
  • Also, I just don't like the designs of any of the collection - they wouldn't suit me at all! (maybe that's my personal opionion coming into it) but I just don't think they are that stand-out and covetable
Here are some of the dresses from the collection.

For example, this dress is £149 and looks like a petticoat. Plus I'm not a fan of the netting straps.

This dress is £99.99 and looks like a blob... a blob which comes in many colours!

This dress really is a statement piece, but looks maybe a bit cheap yet has a £99.99 price tag. This also has several varients

and these dresses are just plain odd...

and that's just the dresses! They seem to have also specialised in odd coats with unnecessary details, jogging bottoms in numerous colours some other items which I could take or leave.

It's just a real shame as my experience of watching Lanvin's catwalk shows is that the items are delicate, feminine and gorgeous. Just take my future wedding dress (in my dreams!) for example. This dress is £8,450 from Net-a-Porter

Does anyone else feel the same or am I alone in my disinterest in the collection? I know there's a hash tag going round twitter called #dontlikelanvin so come let us know your opinions. I'm @laurenlovesblog. Most importantly, were any of you in the 200 queueing at H&M this morning? If so, you made the news!



  1. I like some of the designs from this collection, but I wouldn't pay for them, I don't like them that much

  2. Def wouldn't pay that for them and agree with you about h&m, I just pass them by when I'm shopping now! However I LOVE the wedding dress :D x

  3. I personally love most of the collection! I want the yellow one shoulder dress (although I'm not crazy about the raw hem on it...) I didn't get anything today because the H&M where I live don't stock the collection and I wasn't up early enough to beat the online madness!

    I'll survive!

    Sarah XXXX


  4. I half agree with you! I really liked some of the designs in theory, but when I got in the shop to see the collection the quality wasn't worth the price tag. I ended up just buying a lipstick (and I only brought that to justify the queueing!)

  5. I just wouldn't buy anything in H&M for over £50. And if I was to spend £50 in H&M it'd be on a nice coat, not some horrible dress (see the last dress, the black one, not the white one).

    I love H&M, but then again I do see your point about the quality - and in general the cost has gone down lately, it used to be really quite expensive but now some of its cheaper than primark i find - but i'm 16 and that's all i can afford really!


  6. I agree with you.
    It's silly paying 100 euros + for something that can be worn in special occasions.Because you'd be afraid to wear it.
    I like H&M, just not the advertisment with fashion designers.

  7. I completely agree with this - I have seen some of the items in store and find them highly overrated!!

  8. I love love love lots of the collection particularly the first dress shown here. It is adorable and I have never seen anything like it in Lipsy!! Possibly some of the other dresses are a little more high street-y though...


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