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25 Nov 2010

Barry M haul – swatches and photos

So a couple of weeks ago I told you I'd gone a bit mad on the Barry M website and bought a lot of items (you can read about it here) and now I have some pictures for you! Sorry it's taken so long, with the nights drawing in I never have any daylight to take pictures in! I REALLY need to steal the boyf's posh camera back off him!

Buy one - Barry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint

So Barry M tells us that this green lipstick turns to a personalised shade of pink depending on your skin pH... so is it true?

Wow! And this is how it looks on my lips

Isn't that clever? I love the shade of pink, it's gorgeous and the lipstick is very creamy and moisturising. It smells a bit like playdoh but doesn't taste like it thankfully. The only downside (or upside I guess) is that it stains your lips.

You can get it for £4.49 from here

Buy two - Barry M Dolly Pink Lip Paint
Here it is on the Barry M website

And this is how it looks in real life... not like the website

This is how it looks on my lips.

Again the formula is lovely and creamy and doesn't sit in the dry spots of my lips (I am really badly suffering at the moment from dry lips. I blame the weather) I don't know if the colour quite suits me but I like it.

This lipstick is again £4.49 and available from here

Buy three - Barry M Strawberry Milkshake Lipgloss
This lipgloss is a lovely nude pink and it's amazing! Here it is in real life:

And here it is on lips (this is after I've tried removing the Touch of Magic which is a stainer!)

I applied it above on my natural lips, which are very pink so it gives good coverage.

I used it last weekend over MAC's Creme Cup and loved the effect

The lipgloss smells and tastes delicious, it lasts for a long time as it is very thick and gives good coverage. I would definitely buy more of these.

It is £4.49 from here.

Buy four - Barry M Blusher in Rose
I wanted this because I've fancied a pink, matte blush for a long time and at this price who can argue!

left - a swipe of the blusher, right - applied with a brush

and here is with and without the blusher. I apply it very sparingly because I don't want to look hot and bothered! It's VERY bright pink! Other than that I like the texture which is fine and blends well and my skin seems to be happy with it!

The blushers are £4.59 from here and come in a lot of quite way out colours!

I'm afraid I can't show you the Dusky Mauve nail polish because I gave it away to a very good friend. I know it's hard to get hold of but she's very worth it!



  1. You've inspired me to buy the 'Touch of magic'.
    I love the colour it made your lips!


  2. TheBristolBeautyBlogThu Nov 25, 06:59:00 pm GMT

    The Touch of Magic looks great! I'll definitely pick that up if I spot it! x

  3. That Touch of Magic lipstick is amazing! How do they do it!! Did you see my magic Barry M nail polish here http://burntheblonde.blogspot.com/2010/11/nail-effects.html

    Is Barry M your fave brand?

    Sarah from Burn the Blonde XXXX

  4. They all look great on you!
    I shall go to the Barry M site soon to get some things done :p
    Thanks for swatching girl!

  5. woah, that green lipstick is sooo cool! i really want one. :D


  6. ahh :D
    I bought this lipstick the other day.
    My first ever lipstick purchase so i must be a little mad to go green :')
    However, I love it and it actually goes a slightly lighter shade of pink on my lips.

    Lovely post :)



  7. I have Strawberry Milkshake and I love it! Do you know if the Touch of Magic l/s is LE? I'll need to see if one of my UK friends can pick it up for me!

  8. It's been around forever so no worries of it being LE xxx

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