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22 Oct 2010

My Guest Post!

I've recently had the great honor of being asked to be a guest blogger for the fantastic gossip and lifestyle website London City Girl (click the link to go to their website). I'm hoping to blog for them once or twice a week as their guest fashion "expert" (I use the term loosely!). And look at the really lovely way they describe me!

"Contributer Blurb: Lauren is our authority on all things fashion! Super stylish and always in the know, if you want to know what's hot before it's hot we suggest you drop by her blog www.laurenlovesblog.com"

How lovely is that?!

Here's my first article! It's an update on my post about super-airbrushed models in the fashion industry, and a naughty picture of a certain celeb who needed the help!

Go have a look and tell me what you think. I'm so proud to be featured on their website. And definitely check out their "showbiz" section. I don't know how they get the gossip so quickly!



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  2. That is so lovely, girl! Being a guest blogger is one great achievement. It is like your efforts are being acknowledged, and appreciation is what keeps a person motivated. Like, I am a student and the only thing that encourages me to do my assignment is the appreciation from the teacher. Somebody inviting you as their guest is a big thing. You go girl!!!

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