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11 Oct 2010

My favourite perfumes

Hi everyone, I thought I'd show you my favourite perfumes today - maybe it might inspire you to add one to your Christmas wish list! I worked on the perfume counter at Boots for 5 years every Christmas so I've had a lot of experience sniffing every perfume out there. I know perfumes are very personal but these are my favourites.

Here are the perfumes I own...

Don't they look beautiful? I love perfume bottles. From left to right: Marc Jacobs Daisy, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (perfume and body spray), Lancome Miracle and Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 1

Here's a quick review of each:

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

This is my number one summer fragrance. It's so light, juicy and delicious. The description is top notes of strawberry, grapefruit and violets (you can smell that on the eau de parfum which smells like parma violets for a while!). Heartnotes of more violet, jasmine and gardenia and base notes of vanilla and musk which make it smell deliciously warm and gentle on your skin at the end of the day. I love this perfume!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

A real classic. Sadly I lost the lid for this, but this is the eau de perfum which is a bit too strong for me, so I more regularly use this

It's the perfumed moisture spray (or body spray) and it's much lighter. I love this perfume because it smells sophisticated and sexy, exactly what I think of when I think of the Chanel brand. It's a more youthful fragrance than the very heavy No 5 and I much prefer it! It's described as an oriental fresh, and because I am no good at describing smell, I think that's how the description should stay! It's a perfume that you HAVE to go try. Spray some on and walk around - it develops into a really warming, creamy smell which is delicious for the colder months.

Miracle by Lancome

I have a confession - this perfume is actually my mum's but I steal it on a regular basis!

It's quite similar to Daisy in the way that it's a very fresh floral scent but has a bit more of a spicy bite than Daisy. The description of the perfume is "lychee, magnolia, jasmine, ginger and pepper" which makes it sound disgusting but it's seriously lovely! Make sure you have a sniff next time you go past a Lancome counter.

Botanical Essence No 1 by Liz Earle

This perfume is made of natural essences so might be better for those of you who have sensitive skin? The perfume is a combination of lavender, damask rose, bergamot and patchouli so as you can imagine it's very warm and spicey but still has that feminine, floral note so is lovely for the cloudy autumnal days. I  think it smells like a really lovely old fragrance called 4711This perfume isn't yet available in shops like the others, so you'll have to check it out online or go to John Lewis where you can have a sniff. Definitely try this for a sophisticated, gorgeous scent for the colder months.

Hope you've enjoyed my perfume review and are inspired to go out and experiment with a new scent! Remember the golden rules of perfume shopping
   1.   Only test 3 perfumes at a time

   2.   Sniff your sleeve inbetween smelling perfumes to clear your nose

   3.   Spray your favourite on your skin and walk around for a while, keep smelling it because it will change. I tried the Jennifer Lopez "Live" which was delicious from the bottle, but after half an hour on my skin smelt like broccoli!

   4.   Darker hair/skinned ladies suit stronger perfumes, paler ladies suit more light, floral ones. Don't ask me the biology behind this - it's just something the perfume ladies told me when I worked in Boots! 



  1. Gorgeous collection - I love Marc Jacobs perfumes.
    That's a great tip to try the perfume on your skin rather than just smelling it straight out of the bottle - it's strange how your skin can change the smell of a fragrance so much. x

  2. Lauren, do the perfumes last all day or do you find the scent fades within a few hours ?

    Rachelle Xxx

  3. I find they last all day, sometimes they seem to fade but I think that's me getting used to the scent!

  4. I find that they last all day. I bought a bottle from http://thediscountperfume.com and it is amazing. Jenny

  5. I asked because some of the floral perfumes I own, I find I have to respray every few hours.

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