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18 Oct 2010

Lauren Loves... Crimes of fashion!

Thanks to my friend Sarah for pointing this one out...

What's that...? Hairy legs on a model?

NO! This is actually a pair of tights! They are from J.Crew so now you know where you can buy them from if you want to look like you lost your razor and decided you liked the insulation. They are called lace tights, and a close up shows they are much prettier up close

Be warned girls!



  1. Little Miss CuriousMon Oct 18, 01:54:00 pm BST

    :D I thought that were hairy legs... gosh that tights are good :D

  2. Well I like hairy legs:
    Easy to plat into different lacy patterns
    Can be dyed
    Can be washed (but not tumbled)
    Low carbon foot print
    Popular in Eastern Europe
    Cheaper than tights that make your legs look hairy
    Handier for mono-limbs

  3. this made me alugh very hard haha(: the black ones are very though.

  4. Brilliant, the black ones are pretty, but the nude ones, not so much!!


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