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29 Oct 2010

Lauren Loves... animal-themed knitwear!

Have you noticed a HUGE rise in animal-themed knitwear? I have seen everywhere and I have to be honest... the 8 year old in me totally adores it!

Here's a quick selection of things I have spotted and love

Hats: Rabbit hat - £12.99; Panda hat - £12.99. Both from River Island

Racoon Hoodie - £49.99 from River Island.

You can also get a panda hoodie, but it's currently out of stock online so pop to your local store soon.

It's £49.99 from River Island

Finally I want one of these!

Aren't they adorable! They are by Celapiu on Etsy but are sadly $99 (which is a shocking £62!) I may attempt to knit my own...

So there we go - animal winter woolies = cool. Don't go overboard though guys...


28 Oct 2010

Lauren's want of the week... a Christmas jumper?!

Hello everyone!

I'm feeling all Christmassy - I think it's due to the cold weather and the fact that I've booked off my Christmas break yay! But I really want a Christmas jumper to wear throughout the festive season and after chatting to some stylish friends I understand that this want is mutual so here's a round up of some gorgeous wintery knitwear, but without the naff-factor!

(images from google images search "Christmas Jumper")

Here we go (ho ho ho!)

This jumper is £22.99 from Zara

This jumper is also from Zara and is £29.99 and is gorgeous with the 3/4 length sleeves. I love the reindeer!

This fluffy jumper dress is £45 from Topshop

I love love love this deer cardy from Topshop. It's £35

This lovely chunky cardy is from New Look and is £24.99. It also comes in cream and black.

Finally, if you're really clever, you can knit this jumper.

It's amazing right? I love the poofy sleeves. The pattern is available as an e-book from Knit on The Net for £3. I may have to attempt this...

Are you a fan of Christmas jumpers or are they too cheesy for you? Are you going to get one this year?


Lauren Loves features as a guest blogger again!

I've been featured as a guest blogger again!

I was honoured to be asked to blog for Sourz, the drink company about a make up look for the evening when you're going out, which is why I created my smokey eye tutorial. They very kindly described me as "Our latest guest blogger is a force to be reckoned with! Lauren from Lauren Loves is a Psychologist AND one of the best makeup and beauty bloggers out there." What kind people!

Here it is, and you can read it here

And also my miniskirt ban post was featured on London City Girl's website! Yay!

Thank you to everyone who has asked me to guest blog, I've really enjoyed it and I'm open to more!


27 Oct 2010

Lauren Loves... Crimes of Fashion

Got a good crime for you ladies today!

Check this bad boy out! For those of you who want to rock the "am I wearing anything under my cardy" look, Zara have created a "maxi cardigan" for you, and will set you back a criminal £59.99.  

How would you accessorise this? I'd opt for a brown bag over my head.

Call the police immediately, someone needs to arrest Zara's buyer.


25 Oct 2010

Italian city bans miniskirts!?

"A seaside city in Italy is planning to ban miniskirts and other revealing clothing to improve what the mayor calls standards of public decency."

Can you  believe this? I read this on the BBC news website today.

Castellammare di Stabia have banned miniskirts to "help restore urban decorum and facilitate better civil co-existence" and women will have to pay fines if they wear them. How blinking ridiculous! This is all due to new Italian laws which allow mayors to fight crime and anti-social behaviours. There will also be a ban on sunbathing, playing football in public places, blasphemy, sandcastles, kissing in cars, feeding stray cats, wooden clogs and the use of lawn mowers at weekends. Now maybe the BBC have made this news a bit bigger than it really is... the laws haven't been passed yet, but what would happen if they tried to ban these things here?

I have a few thoughts around banning miniskirts:

  1. Surely women should have the freedom to wear whatever they wish? Many people are up in arms due to women in some countries not being allowed to wear certain clothes (OK, so there is a massive difference between putting women in all-covering clothes and making women wear longer skirts) but surely you could argue that this is along the same lines.
  2. Will they measure hem lines in the street like they used to in school?
  3. How do they think this ban will stop sexual harassment? Surely to ban miniskirts will make them MORE sexual when they are seen in other places?
  4. Are shorts to be banned? Shorts are pretty short (hence the name)
  5. Isn't Italy proud to be a centre of fashion (ok, so Milan, but that's Italy) To ban a form of fashion could be quite detrimental to that reputation for being fashionable and chic.

I'd LOVE to know your thoughts on this issue. Do you think it's taking away the women (and men's) rights to wear what they want etc.


23 Oct 2010

Your next night out look - smokey eyes tutorial

Girls - what's your favourite night out makeup look? I'm sure the majority of you will agree, it's smokey eyes! Smokey eyes is a gorgeous, dramatic look which makes your eyes stand out and is really gorgeous - but I think black smokey eyes are old now, and can easily look like a badger. It's not flattering so the new look is coloured smokey eyes! Take Kim Kardashian and Taylor Momsen...

See what I mean? Kim is rocking a gorgeous slate/purple eye which is really flattering, where as Taylor looks like a panda.

Here is my tutorial on golden smokey eyes for a more flattering but stunning look.  Here's what you'll need...
  • A palette of eyeshadows. I completely adore the Sleek Storm palette for the intense and blendable shades, and for £5.99 you can't complain. But any combination of the shades from other brands work too

They're lovely aren't they? You'll also need
  • A brown liquid eyeliner (I use the Collection 2000 one)
  • A brown kohl eyeliner (I use Maybelline Kohl Express Eyeliner in their gorgeous sparkly brown shade)
  • Your favourite mascara (I've used MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara)
  • A small eyeshadow brush and a blending brush

Ready? Here we go... Here's my naked eye! Boring right?

Step 1. With your big blending brush, apply an all-over base of a pale gold, and take it up to the crease of the eyelid. I used number 1 for this. 

Step 2. Using the same brush, add a wash of the palest gold (number 2) up to the brow bone as a highlighter 

Step 3. Again, using the large brush, add a sweep of gold over the eyelid, concentrating nearer the lash line. I used number 4 for this. It's a gorgeous luminous gold! 

Step 4. Using the smaller eyeshadow brush, blend in a dark bronze (number 7) to the lashes. We're building up the smoke! Then blend in the black shadow (number 12) right into the lash line, keep rubbing into the bronze and blend it upwards. 

Step 5. Add a sweep of the brown liquid eyeliner

Add a bit of kohl eyeliner to the waterline and a generous sweep of mascara.. and you have the finished result

Whatdo you think? I really love it. It's a gentle, gorgeous take on smokey eyes.
This smokey look works really well on those with brown eyes to make them pop and look gorgeous! It also works on people with green eyes like me obviously, but there's another take which really makes blue and green eyes 'pop'!

For blue-eyed babes -
Blend in a silver (number 8), deep blue (number 10) and black (number 12) in the same method as above. Use the silver as step 3, the blue as step 4 and black as step 5. Then use a blue eyeliner on the waterline and lashings of mascara!

And for us green-eyed godesses!

A combination of forest greens, blend in a silver (number 8), dark green (number 9) and black (number 12) in the same method as above. Use the silver as step 3, the green as step 4 and black as step 5. Then use a slim, wet brush to create your own eyeliner, and use a green kohl eyeliner on the waterline and as much  mascara as you dare!

Hope this tutorial helps you achieve your gorgeous night out look. I'd love to see your FOTN's if you use this tutorial!


22 Oct 2010

Want of the week - an advent calendar?

Girls have you seen this?!
Thank you to Lipglossiping for highlighting this to me. She has a brilliant blog so check it out.

It's an advent calendar, but in each little window is a minature beauty product!! How amazing is that idea? Why hasn't this been brought to my attention/imagination before?

So what's in the box?


Everyone else want this too? Thought so. It's £60 from Selfridges, or free if you have a brilliant boyfriend!


My Guest Post!

I've recently had the great honor of being asked to be a guest blogger for the fantastic gossip and lifestyle website London City Girl (click the link to go to their website). I'm hoping to blog for them once or twice a week as their guest fashion "expert" (I use the term loosely!). And look at the really lovely way they describe me!

"Contributer Blurb: Lauren is our authority on all things fashion! Super stylish and always in the know, if you want to know what's hot before it's hot we suggest you drop by her blog www.laurenlovesblog.com"

How lovely is that?!

Here's my first article! It's an update on my post about super-airbrushed models in the fashion industry, and a naughty picture of a certain celeb who needed the help!

Go have a look and tell me what you think. I'm so proud to be featured on their website. And definitely check out their "showbiz" section. I don't know how they get the gossip so quickly!


20 Oct 2010

Topshop's Snow Queen Collection - overrated?

Have you seen Topshop's new Snow Queen collection? It's gorgeous and expensive, but with the huge amount of short skirts and shorts, I'm not sure if it's going to be warm enough for you snow queens! Here are my key pieces.
Suede shorts - a shocking £65
Pearl ring - £8.50

Christmas party dress? Curve sequin shift dress - £100

and my favourite piece - A christmas jumper! Knitted snowflake jumper - £38

My overall impression is pricey, and not totally practical for the winter really but some very pretty pieces.


18 Oct 2010

Lauren Loves... Crimes of fashion!

Thanks to my friend Sarah for pointing this one out...

What's that...? Hairy legs on a model?

NO! This is actually a pair of tights! They are from J.Crew so now you know where you can buy them from if you want to look like you lost your razor and decided you liked the insulation. They are called lace tights, and a close up shows they are much prettier up close

Be warned girls!


17 Oct 2010

OOTD - Apple Festival!

I went to an apple festival at Middle Farm today! Here's a quick OOTD

I tickled a sheep too!

Earmuffs from Accessorize - as featured in this post
White scarf from Accessorize
Woolen hoodie from French Connection
Miniskirt from H&M
Leggings from H&M
Boots from Faith (RIP :-( I miss you)
My new favourite handbag :-) 


Autumn Booties

My friend Parysa asked me where to get some Autumn boots from. Autumn is such a tricky time for clothes and shoes - the weather is so unpredictable and nobody wants damp feet! Here is a round up of some gorgeous boots in both ankle and knee length.   
Autumn Boots

My top tip - go look at Clarks. Although it's got a reputation for being totally boring and old ladyish, they have some great every day boots.


13 Oct 2010

Lauren Loves... Crimes of fashion

Dear Miss Selfridge,

What on Earth is this? What have you done to this coat? I can't even make words to describe this monstrosity. It's like someone dipped the bottom of a coat in superglue, and then small wild animals have become stuck to it as the wearer has walked through a forest.

This coat will be in the January sales - mark my words.

Lots of love,

Lauren xxx

If you like this coat, it's £90 (!!!) from here



Rainy season fashion ideas

Someone keeps googling "rainy season fashion" and landing on my blog, so I decided to write a little rainy fashion post.

Here are my choices for the rainy season

Rainy Days Fashion

Bound Seam Hooded Duffle Coat - £100; Navy Ruffle Detail Mac - £65; Hooded Duffle Cape - £100; ASOS GEORGIE Leather Knee High Boots - £60; Blue Spotty Wellies - £22; Lulu Guinness Birdcage Umbrella - £32; Bling Sequin Beret - £18; John Lewis Plain Wool Beret, Red - £14; Faux Fur Ear Muffs at Accessorize - £16

I'm desperate for the navy blue ruffle coat! and look at the little birdie in the umbrella! Cuteness! Also, I LOVE these earmuffs - I bought them last year and they are perfect to keep your little ears all snug and stop those horrible cold-ear headaches.

Hope you like my choices! Stay dry girls


11 Oct 2010

My favourite perfumes

Hi everyone, I thought I'd show you my favourite perfumes today - maybe it might inspire you to add one to your Christmas wish list! I worked on the perfume counter at Boots for 5 years every Christmas so I've had a lot of experience sniffing every perfume out there. I know perfumes are very personal but these are my favourites.

Here are the perfumes I own...

Don't they look beautiful? I love perfume bottles. From left to right: Marc Jacobs Daisy, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (perfume and body spray), Lancome Miracle and Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 1

Here's a quick review of each:

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

This is my number one summer fragrance. It's so light, juicy and delicious. The description is top notes of strawberry, grapefruit and violets (you can smell that on the eau de parfum which smells like parma violets for a while!). Heartnotes of more violet, jasmine and gardenia and base notes of vanilla and musk which make it smell deliciously warm and gentle on your skin at the end of the day. I love this perfume!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

A real classic. Sadly I lost the lid for this, but this is the eau de perfum which is a bit too strong for me, so I more regularly use this

It's the perfumed moisture spray (or body spray) and it's much lighter. I love this perfume because it smells sophisticated and sexy, exactly what I think of when I think of the Chanel brand. It's a more youthful fragrance than the very heavy No 5 and I much prefer it! It's described as an oriental fresh, and because I am no good at describing smell, I think that's how the description should stay! It's a perfume that you HAVE to go try. Spray some on and walk around - it develops into a really warming, creamy smell which is delicious for the colder months.

Miracle by Lancome

I have a confession - this perfume is actually my mum's but I steal it on a regular basis!

It's quite similar to Daisy in the way that it's a very fresh floral scent but has a bit more of a spicy bite than Daisy. The description of the perfume is "lychee, magnolia, jasmine, ginger and pepper" which makes it sound disgusting but it's seriously lovely! Make sure you have a sniff next time you go past a Lancome counter.

Botanical Essence No 1 by Liz Earle

This perfume is made of natural essences so might be better for those of you who have sensitive skin? The perfume is a combination of lavender, damask rose, bergamot and patchouli so as you can imagine it's very warm and spicey but still has that feminine, floral note so is lovely for the cloudy autumnal days. I  think it smells like a really lovely old fragrance called 4711This perfume isn't yet available in shops like the others, so you'll have to check it out online or go to John Lewis where you can have a sniff. Definitely try this for a sophisticated, gorgeous scent for the colder months.

Hope you've enjoyed my perfume review and are inspired to go out and experiment with a new scent! Remember the golden rules of perfume shopping
   1.   Only test 3 perfumes at a time

   2.   Sniff your sleeve inbetween smelling perfumes to clear your nose

   3.   Spray your favourite on your skin and walk around for a while, keep smelling it because it will change. I tried the Jennifer Lopez "Live" which was delicious from the bottle, but after half an hour on my skin smelt like broccoli!

   4.   Darker hair/skinned ladies suit stronger perfumes, paler ladies suit more light, floral ones. Don't ask me the biology behind this - it's just something the perfume ladies told me when I worked in Boots! 

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