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10 Sept 2010

The verdict on the Motel animal print dress...

I thought I'd do a review of the animal Wanda dress I ordered from Motel, as I've noticed that when you buy something, you can google it and other people will have pictures of them pulling it off successfully. However, for me it didn't go well girls... This is how it's supposed to look...

and this is how it did look. Yes, I looked like one of The Flintstones! (do you like how I added the necklace for a Wilma vibe?!)

As you can see it was more like a pencil skirt on me because the sizing was really odd. It was quite big on my chest and really tight on my hips. I know I'm a pear shape but I'm not that bad! It's ok when I keep still, like in the above picture, but as I more around, the skirt starts to become very baggy as it rides up...

and up...

And  up until it got to this point...

It's not a good look!

I think if it were cheaper, I may have put up with it and kept it. But it cost £29 and wasn't very well made - there was no lining and I think the sizing was odd etc so I decided my money was better spent elsewhere.

Hope that's helpful to anyone who is googling the Motel animal Wanda dress and wanted to know what it was like!



  1. I actually like it on you! You look alot better than you think!

    It's a great dress!

  2. Its a shame it rides up because it looks really lovely on you, i was tempted to buy it too xx

  3. Helen [In Elegance]Fri Sept 10, 08:45:00 pm BST

    It looks so wonderful from the front, what a shame.

  4. That's a shame.

    Just a thought Lauren, as you have great sewing skills could you not copy ahem I mean borrow the pattern and make a custom dress for yourself?

    Rachelle Xxx

  5. Ooh good plan rachelle. I do have a tulip skirt pattern...

  6. Iris @ pimpmynailz.comSat Sept 11, 07:08:00 pm BST

    Its kinda cute actually, although you don't see these dresses too often! Not here anyway, it's definately special, but I've seen dresses that I like more ;-)

  7. Shame about the fit, hopefully you can make something similar yourself!

  8. For Crying out loud! Just as well I check your blog. That's a £2000 camera and your photos look rubbish camera head! Lighting and composition are all wrong. I'll take them next time. You can borrow my tripod and remote.

    Tut Tut

    From the BF

  9. Thanks "the bf" and thanks for the long-term loansies of your camera! Love you!


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