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15 Sept 2010

Hair update: My new fringe and the new Liz Earle haircare range

Hi everyone, I've got a day off work today so I thought I could do some much-overdue blogging. As you may know if you follow my twitter, I woke up this morning not feeling well and then fainted and bashed my head in the bathroom. It was really frightening as I was apparently out cold staring at the ceiling and I have a lovely bruise developing on my forehead now :-(

Anyway on with the blogging:

Update on the hair situation - as you may remember I discussed growing out my fringe on this post in July. This is the timeline:

1. I had a side fringe in first year of uni

2. I had a proper fringe cut in 2nd year


3. Then I tried to grow it out... but it was really difficult!

4. And finally last week I had a little fringe cut back in! You can't see from the picture, but my hair is still waist length - it's just all tucked behind!

What do you think? I want to thin out the thickness of the fringe I have still, so my amazing hairdresser suggested to cut a thinner section into a side fringe, and leave the back portion of the fringe to grow out.

Review of the Liz Earle haircare:

I was really kindly sent the new Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner to try out last week. After using it for a week, I think I can give a honest review.

Firstly, it came all beautifully wrapped, as Liz Earle products always do. I sometimes don't want to open the products!

The Shampoo: The Botanical Shine Shampoo is a sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate free formula for all hair types, and is really lovely! The first thing to tell you is how lovely it smells - it smells like lemoney-limey sweeties and is yummy! Also, it foams really well, the clever thing is that when the shampoo won't spread anymore you don't have to use more shampoo - you add more water and it foams up even more! Therefore you don't have to use too much and it should last a while.

Also it is really cleansing without stripping your hair. I've used many types of organic and SLS free shampoos and they normally strip your hair, leaving it tangled and feeling disgusting but this is totally different. It's £7.50 for 200ml and available from here

The Conditioner: I was sent The Botanical Shine Conditioner for dry/damaged hair as I have coloured (bleached!) hair. The scent of this conditioner is not as nice as the shampoo, but that's my personal taste because I hate the smell of ylang-ylang! However it works really well to detangle my hair and make it soft and swishy. I manage to run my fingers through my very long hair while conditioning it to get rid of any tangles really easily and rinses out normally.

Furthermore, like the shampoo, it is as good as a mainstream, chemically conditioner and is much more moisturising than all the natural conditioners I have used before, I still had swish! I think a true show of how good it is, is that my hairdresser ran her fingers through my hair and commented how soft it is. For photographic proof, look to the latest picture of my hair - see how shiney it is! The conditioner is also £7.50 for 200ml from The Liz Earle website.

Anyway hope you like my review and my new hair! I'm off for a nap



  1. Yay you made a post about your new do.Which looks fab btw.

    Great review of the products. Hope you are feeling better.

    Rachelle Xxx

  2. Iris @ pimpmynailz.comWed Sept 15, 05:19:00 pm BST

    I'm so jealous of your hair!!!! My hair is so thin and fragile and yours looks so healthy & has a lot of volume, pretty :)

  3. Helen [In Elegance]Wed Sept 15, 10:20:00 pm BST

    My hair grows so quick, I can cut my fringe and it grows too long after a couple of weeks. I can never decide what type of fringe to have.
    I love the last picture of you.

  4. your hair looks amazing, looks really volumised too!

  5. Your hair looks fab! Can't believe how long it is!


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