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8 Sept 2010

H&M's online advertising campaign - too airbrushed?

Whist browsing some other blogs today, a side bar advert caught my eye - it's advertising the new H&M online shop which launches later this month, but I was slightly creeped out by the picture. Here it is:

Here are my problems
1.   Her hands are MASSIVE against her waist
2.   Her waist is practically the same width as her head

Ok, so maybe because she is cut up by the width of the advert it makes her look thinner, or maybe she is actually this slim - I've never met a model in real life so I don't know. However I suspect this is a case of photoshop.

EDIT - Sanchia at Style Goddesses just informed me that the picture has been airbrushed. The model is called Sasha Pivovarova and here is a picture of her on the catwalk. As you can see, the H&M photo has airbrushed her a lot - her hair IS smaller than her waist like everyone elses. However  H&M is crazy because she has a stunning figure!

I have always been weary of super-photoshopping by brands, and to be fair the H&M picture isn't too bad compared to some brands; especially after seeing Ralph Lauren's efforts:

and Proenza Schouler:

I have nothing against thin models - I understand that they are used to advertise an image of what people want to look like. And importantly for fashion shows - size 0 women don't have lumps and bumps in places so dresses fit all and the seamstresses don't have to worry about tailoring the clothes to fit those of us who are pearshaped or have bigger boobs etc... because size 0 women don't have these bumps!

However, I have several anorexic friends and I really do worry about the body image these adverts project to impressionable, self-conscious people.

I might get some stick now for this post, but my opinion is airbrushing adverts to make the model's skin look clearer etc. is fine, even airbrushing the girls to look better - but when you make them so thin it's unrealistic, that isn't selling the clothes to me! I'm too distracted by the model's figure!



  1. I agree. I stopped shopping on urban outfitters website purely because the models look too thin and it made me feel quite sick.

  2. I agree, she looks way too thin! :/ xx

  3. I totally agree I think it's discusting and those models just look way too thin and do not look real at all! I hate shopping online for this fact i'd much rather walk into a shop try the clothes on me and see what they look like on me rather than a photoshopped model online x

  4. If anyone gives you stick for this post they are incredibly short sighted. I think you are spot on. Being thin is one thing - being airbrushed to look thinner than you are is another and does give out entirely the wrong message. I love ASOS because they have a range of models including some with ample bossoms that are reflective of real women. Fab post Lauren x x

  5. That's Sasha Pivovarova, and she has definitely been airbrushed! The irony is that she actually has a great figure: http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/ziEc3RXvXiw/Milan+Fashion+Week+Gianni+Versace/lstshZwy28E/Sasha+Pivovarova


  6. @Sanchia - :-O You're right, she has been airbrused but she has a fab figure! Thanks for the info, going to update the post! x

  7. I totally agree with you! Airbrushing is stupid and wrong! Ok, maybe a little whitening of the teeth here and a little touch-up there is acceptable...but these photos are just ridiculous! It's obviously not attracting buyers so why do it? Great post!


  8. It is ridiculous that they airbrush a model who is already slim and beautiful so much - looking like that model is already unachievable for most people, never mind the airbrushed version! And the Ralph Lauren ones look creepy - especially the first one!

  9. Those Ralph Lauren models make the H&M model look almost normal! Those adverts certainly don't make me want to look like that!

  10. dear god those other adverts are absolutely ludicrous! seeing someone look like does NOT make me want to buy clothes.. more eat a cream bun

  11. love you're blog =)

  12. I'm doing a channel 4 campaign on natural beauty, which is working to limit and cut down airbrushing used on women that are already thin enough!
    Please have a look and join!
    Need all the support i can get and anyone interested in helping please just leave a comment on the page!


    The campaigns going amazingly and i've spoken to many famous faces at london fashion week as well as Mp's who agree with the idea! Thankyou!

    Kaya Cheyanne x

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