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7 Sept 2010

Dress of the week

I bought a dress today! I'm going out Friday with the girls I worked with over the summer so when this caught my eye, I had to have it!

It's called the Animal Wanda Dress by Motel and I got it from Topshop.com for £29. I ordered a size 8 but I don't know if it will fit me. On the motel website, they state that an 8 will fit my chest and waist but will be too small on my huge hips. However, as it's strapless I need it tight to hold it up and I'm hoping the tulip skirt will be forgiving!

I'm also hoping it will be more Cheryl Cole on X-Factor last week then trashy. It's a hard line to tread!

Here's the dress in a set I created on Polyvore today, I'll probably even wear it with thick tights!

What do you think? Keep an eye out and I'll let you know whether it is trashy or amazing




  1. The dress will look fabulous on you! I think the trick is to keep your make up fresh and feminine - just as Cheryl is sporting that pastel pink pout. I recently saw a woman out in a leopard print dress wearing bright red lips and red false nails! Did I mention she was standing on a street corner? Say no more! You have nothing to fear Lauren my dear! x x

  2. Katie's right, you'll look gorgeous in it, no way could it look trashy! Do you know what shoes etc you'r gonna put with it, like are you gonna go with what you put on the post?
    You'll have to put up a photo of how you looked :)

  3. Wow, this dress is amazing! I think leapard print is hard to get right but the outfit that you created on polyvore looks amazing - definitly not trashy! I agree with the girls above...as long as your keep your makeup subtle you will be fine!

  4. I shall look forward to it making an OOTN :)

    Rachelle Xxx

  5. ooh i like! i think its a far classier print than the pixie lott for lipsy one as the print is less brash. also i love pearls with leopard! x

  6. WOW! This dress is simply STUNNING! I love animal prints!

  7. Helen [In Elegance]Tue Sept 07, 10:50:00 pm BST

    I was just thinking so Cheryl Cole dress and I just love it. I think you would look so cute in this, will we see pics of you in it.

  8. Thanks for your comments girls. I will do an outfit post if it fits and I can wear it!
    @Katie - I think the woman you saw reflects the area we live in nicely ;-)
    @Emma - definitely better than the lipsy one, I agree


  9. I love it, keep it simple like Cheryl and you definately won't look trashy!


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