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6 Aug 2010

My top Fashion and Beauty iPhone apps

I only got an iPhone yesterday but already I'm going mental for apps - but being a cheapskate, I'm only getting free ones (I'd rather not buy 10 56p apps, but save up for a lipstick!)

Here's a round up of my favourite fashion and beauty apps:

1. Topshop
This app tells you everything you need to know about Topshop! There are sections for new in, favourites, their blog, videos, how-to-wear articles and information on sales and your nearest store. A girl's best friend!

2. Shopstyle
This app helps you find whatever you are looking for, in female, male or children's fashion. Simply type in what you are looking for (e.g. black hareem trousers) and it will search all online shops for a product matching that description!

3. The F Network
An amazing app which shows you videos of the latest catwalk shows for every designer you can imagine! Best to use this app under wifi as there is a lot of information to stream! I LOVE this one!

4. Lookz by Barry M
A great app showing you how to work certain looks, providing style advice and you can have some awesome backgrounds from it! (I love the leopard print one!)

5. The Fashion Pixie
Showing you where the nearest highstreet sale is, discount codes for your favourite online shops and offering free email alerts - no wonder the tag line is "never miss a sale"!

6. Style.com
This app provides you with videos, fashion shows, photos from parties, looks of the day, blogs and men's fashion ideas. Great for anyone wanting a quick roundup of what's hot and what's not (aside from this blog! :-P)

7. Total Beauty
Providing a quick reference for reviews of beauty products. Perfect for finding the best mascara/foundation etc when you're out shopping.

I wish you happy fashion browsing!




  1. oh wow :) i have a Barry m app on my blackberry :) x

  2. Helen [In Elegance]Fri Aug 06, 09:35:00 pm BST

    I really wish I had one of these phones. I'm still in the dark ages when it comes to mobile phones.

  3. Laura - Emerald Green 88Tue Sept 21, 06:08:00 pm BST

    Great post, I've just got some of these, love the Barry M one especially, thanks!


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