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11 Aug 2010

Lauren loves crimes of fashion - part 2!

These two girls both turned up like this on Saturday night -

Can you believe the outfits were so similar unintentionally! CRINGE!

I hate moments when this happens. Your first thought is instantly "do I look better or worse" and I think everyone else's thoughts are "oh, she looks better in it" and I think that's such a shame because it totally ruins your night.

So my question is - how would you deal with a situation like this? I agree with the girl on the left - take it in your stride and (pretend) to have a laugh over the situation; but I can see why people get a bit upset over the situation. Has this ever happened to you? Luckily for me it hasn't when out, only when out shopping in the street. I can't believe these two are friends though and turned up in the same outfit unintentionally! How embarassing!



  1. Oh how funny! I've never had this happen to me - other than someone I don't know in the same shoes or skirt but never same outfit.
    My Mum did though, she went to a wedding and wore a dress that was about a year old and someone was wearing the same one!! Mum had to go home and change! Lol xx

  2. Ah bless them, well i would just say we both must have great taste but i would be embarrased ha x

  3. Well for starts they both look nice and obviously have insanely similar tastes... If I buy something from say topshop, and i know its going to be popular, when i wear it i'll put it with something really odd or something that ive diy-ed myself, so that i know that i wont look similar to other people. love, www.xoxoavs.blogspot.com

  4. Haha, this used to happen all the time when my best friend and I worked at the same shop. We'd both turn up wearing a black jumper and purple pencil skirt, or something of the sort, and people used to think we were wearing a uniform! I think that's when I really started thinking about my style, and clearing out my wardrobe ... and it's definitely not a problem any more. :D
    Love Sanchia xxx

  5. I never understand why people get embarrassed over situations like this. I'm not sure if it's happened to me or not cos to be honest it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, so it wouldn't even register. If you wear something from the high street you're wearing something that thousands of people have in their wardrobes...or is that meant to be a big secret?

  6. I think the most interesting thing about this is what it says about 'fashion'. These two girls are not only wearing the same clothes but they've got similar hairstyles, make-up, and fake tan. They're both attempting to conform to the same boring idea of what is 'beautiful'.

  7. Hahaha love it what a great post but also very CRINGE all at once :) xx

  8. Helen [In Elegance]Wed Aug 11, 07:26:00 pm BST

    Thankfully this has never happened to me.
    I think if it did happen I would try look on the funny side and not let anyone think I was embarrassed.

  9. when I go out all the guys are wearing jeans and a shirt, I always fell very silly.......

  10. Love both outfits!


  11. If that ever happens to me, I just say to the other person 'nice outfit!' and laugh over it :P
    Its only ever happened with a top/bottom though...never the exact same outfit!


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