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13 Aug 2010

Lauren Loves - Charity Blog Sale Dress

Here's the dress I made for the Beauty Bloggers Charity Blog Sale in a bit more detail. Remember, if you want to place a bid on this dress, head on over to The Charity Blog Sale, by clicking here.

Here's my dress:

The dress is made of thin cotton with a blue and white polka dot print. It features crossed over straps on the back and a ruched bust. It is unlined and has a side zip with hook and eye fastening.

The ruched bust:

Over-stitched straps - they'll stay strong! 

The back:

Here's a close up of the zip:

And as you can see it is unlined, but the hem is double turned so no fraying!

Importantly - here's how it looks on (sorry for the terrible photo)

Some details:

Size - around a UK 8 to 10
      Bust - 83cm (32.5 inches)
      Length - from armpit to hem is 65 cm (25.5 inches)
      Across shoulders - 43cm (17 inches)
      Flares out from an empire line so very flattering and covers a tummy!

Washing - this item has never been washed before, so therefore care should be taken when wearing it for the first time as the blue dye transfers (I had blue hands while making it!). Can be washed at 30 degrees and ironed as normal cotton.

Delivery - Delivery is free! It will come wrapped up beautifully in tissue paper and delivered second class.

Please remember - This dress has been lovingly home made so it won't be to shop standards! However it is one-of-a-kind, and has all my love and affection in it! It has received many compliments from friends so cherish it! 



  1. oh my gawd. this dress is so adorable. i love it:D I wish i was as talented as you!


  2. Helen [In Elegance]Fri Aug 13, 08:52:00 pm BST

    I saw the dress, very cute, you're great at sewing.

  3. OMG this dress is amazing!! Just found your blog.


  4. Wow, you sewed that?! You are one talented girl, for a minute there thought it was from Topshop! xx

  5. wow you've made this so well! It's amazing, if i had some spare cash I'd certainly be bidding. You're very talented :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  6. That is gorgeous! Did you use a pattern? If yes, could I please have a linky link if its from the internet? x

  7. WOW love the dress!! Super cute =D xx

  8. Amazing dress! So cute and really well made! I can't believe it was hand made! It's all so neat! Millie xxx


  9. This dress is lovely, you're very good at making clothes! I wish I had your skills! x


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