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5 Aug 2010

BIG update - review of nail wraps, FOTN and iPhone!

Monday -

I finally got my insurance replacement laptop! It's gorgeous and red and has a memory card port so this is my new blogging baby! Isn't she gorgeous? It's a Dell Inspiron 15R in Red and I love it! Took me a couple of days to get the hang of Windows 7 but now I have it, I don't know how I lived without it! I also got Microsoft Office 2007 and it's brilliant! I'm currently writing my dissertation so the reference tool is so great!

I also finally recieved my MAC Petals and Peacocks which I bought off a blog sale at the end of June! Shipping from the US takes forever. I won't swatch it now, I'll show you in my FOTN on Saturday or Sunday!

Tuesday -

After having nail wraps on for 2 weeks here are the results.

Sadly one of my finger nails broke within an hour of taking them off! However the rest are still longer and doing well so I might go buy some more.

My review - They are really easy to apply and make your nails feel stronger so you can do every day tasks with them without fear of your nails snapping. I even had a piano lid slammed onto my fingers and it was ok! However, as you can see my nails are now covered in white stress marks, and they feel a bit sensitive so I would like to put on more wraps to help. Also, the wraps start to lift up after about a week and you HAVE to glue them back down or completely remove them ASAP or a bit of the wrap may snag and take your fingernail with it - as you can see my index fingernail on the right hand was a casualty. :-(

I also held a tarantula at work! (sorry to arachnophobics out there!)

Wednesday -

I got my iPhone at last! Here's a photo of me and the iPhone (with Hello Kitty cover as mentioned in this post). This is also my picture of my FOTN. As you can see, I really love black eyeliner!

For my face
ME ME ME under-eye reflecting concealer
No. 7 Kohl eyeliner (I love the smudgey end on this, and it is so soft! My favourite Kohl ever)
No. 17 Volumising mascara
Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner
MAC lipstick in Creme Cup
Revlon Blusher in Peachy Keen (I don't think they do this anymore)
Benefit Georgia

Coming up later this week -

I'm going out Friday and Saturday, and after the success of my first ever OOTN last week (thank you for all your lovely comments everyone) I have decided I will try and do it more often.

I have also set up a formspring account - so ask me anything! My name is laurenlovesblog


  1. Ohh the phone cover is soo cute! And you look gorgeous! :) xx

  2. Your hair is so long ! it seems to me that from post to post , I can see the difference (probably not but you get the idea !). Petals and peacock looks beautiful , can't wait to see a lip of the day with it ...

    Caro xxx

  3. Aww thanks! Gives me the inspiration to keep growing those silly layers out!

  4. OMG you're so brave to have held a taratula! I like the colour of your laptop; it's way better than my boring silver. Hair looks lovely x


  5. ive been using nailtiques on my nails to grow them out and it works so well, its just like a polish but clear and makes them feel really strong, you should have a look!

  6. *have a try out, that is :)

  7. Ooooh the red is so pretty!

    HAHAH that's maaad! i'd love to hold one! I dnot know why, I don't even like them that much but it's just something I wanna do :P

    Your iPhone is so cute, I want one!


  8. Helen [In Elegance]Thu Aug 05, 09:49:00 pm BST

    I think the growth is great for 2 weeks.

  9. Waa~! I don't like spiders :S


  10. Lovely fotd! Cute cover toO! Nice laptop too! Just realised that for some ridiculous reason, even though I've been reading your blog for a few months now, I'm not a follower! No idea how that's happened. But sorted now. So you now have 200 followers! :D Millie xxx


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