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30 Aug 2010

Ins and Outs

Sorry I haven't blogged recently - I've had a very exciting and stressful week, handing in my dissertation, moving out my house in Brighton back to my parent's and starting my new job tomorrow! Here's a quick round-up of my ins and outs for the week.


Having no dissertation anymore - yippee!

Satchels - I love this one from ASOS

the ASOS Chanel copy

This is Lily Allen's Chanel Coccoon bag:

And this is the ASOS version:

Cheekily similar!

Ultra Glow - I tried this bronzer around my friend's house. It's a really old brand apparently but you can only get it online now. It gives a really natural, non-glittery glow. I was really impressed by how well the colour built up and that it didn't make me orange! It's available from here and I'll certainly be buying some!

Starting my new job - I start tomorrow morning! Nervous but excited

Vintage clothing - I've found http://www.myvintage.co.uk/ which has some really amazing pieces. I really enjoy browsing Beyond Retro in Brighton, but now I've moved back to Portsmouth there isn't much vintage stuff here - therefore this website is my new love. Check it out! 


Heeled clogs - ASOS have some offenders at the moment!

The weather - What's happened? I was looking forwards to summer now I don't have to remain locked indoors with my dissertation and it's gone all autumn-y!

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday! Now I've started a proper job, I hope to be able to blog more


24 Aug 2010

Run to M&S!

I went to Marks and Spencer on Sunday to look for work basics, but instead fell in love with this underwear set!

I was really thrilled as the bras come in 28 and 30 back too! I'm a 30 so I find it really hard to get bras which fit in many shops.

I got the regular pants rather than the massively high waisted ones though because I have a short torso - it would look like I was wearing a swimming costume! (they come with suspenders but they are removable)

Isn't it gorgeous! Totally retro and very uplifting!

They actually have some really great underwear at the moment. I guess mum's are always right when they say M&S does the best undies!


Lauren’s 8 most worn…

After seeing this on Helen's blog, and then having it suggested by Rachelle on twitter, I decided to do an "8 most worn" post 

Most worn hair product?
My TIGI superstar products for super-massive hair! I love them! My hair is so big and back-combable when I use these. Recently, I didn't use them as I forgot to take them with me when I visited my grandparents and my hair was flat and hideous and NATURAL! I am totally addicted to these products!

Most worn lipstick/lipgloss?

I love my Mac Girl About Town. When I bought it, the shop assistant actually said "that's the same colour Cheryl Cole wears" which sold it to me to be honest! It's violently bright, girly and wonderful!

Most worn earrings?
My mum and dad got these pearl earrings for me when I graduated last year as a present for all my hard work. I've hardly taken them off since! They are gorgeous, and so perfect for every occasion - from the pub to work!

Most worn top?

Sorry for the terrible photo - this camera is really heavy and it doesn't show the picture on the screen so you have to look through the view-finder! Anyway, this is my amazing off-the-shoulder jumper. I got it a TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago and I swear I haven't taken it off since (I have really - that would be gross). It was £20! Bargain!

Most worn nail polish?

China Glaze Pool Party! This is the most amazing colour ever! So bright it actually glows in UV light! Here's my photo from clubbing the other day! I looked crazy with glowing finger and toenails!

Most worn shoes?

Ok, so maybe these aren't my most worn, but black ballet pumps aren't as beautiful. Also I wanted to tell you the story of these shoes. These shoes were destiny! I used to walk past them every day on the way to work, sighing over their beauty but knowing I'd never be able to afford the £70 for them. Then one day, they were gone, and I was sad until I saw they were in the sale for £30 and they only had a size 7 left! IT WAS FATE!
Most worn perfume?

Marc Jacobs Daisy - I LOVE this perfume! It's really light, floral and delicate. It's delicious!

Most worn bag?
Oh my true love! This is my Vanilla Bertie bag in Black Croco, size small. It's made of pressed leather so is quite heavy but is very sturdy. I ADORE this bag - I carry it everywhere and get so many compliments for it. I've had it since Christmas and it still looks brand new so is definitely worth it.

Hope you've enjoyed, feel free to do this yourself!


20 Aug 2010

Lauren's sale spot!

BREAKING NEWS! Carrie's famous wedding dress from the Sex and The City movie is ON SALE!

I was snooping around for clothes for my Autumn 2010 fashion trends post, and I discovered this on The Outnet

The Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Lily wedding gown was £4,530 and is now £1,812!

Ok, so that's still very, very expensive - but makes it one step closer to those blushing brides who have dreamt of re-creating the movie.

Hope you have a great weekend



19 Aug 2010

New Blog Domain!

After managing to get over 200 followers, I've bought my own blog domain! Thank you to all my followers - I hope this is the beginning of really big things :-)

After asking friends on here, facebook and twitter (find me @laurenlovesblog) the decision was that http://www.laurenlovesblog.com/ is better than laurenloves.net so that it matches my twitter and so people can find me more easily.

So please update any bookmarks etc.


18 Aug 2010

I've got a job! Office Fashion

Sorry for the lack of blogging - my blogging camera (i.e. my boyfriend's very expensive, professional camera) has run out of charge and the charger is at my boyfriends!

In other news: Eek! I've got a job! My first ever, grown-up job and it's my dream job too! I'm so happy and excited and totally terrified! Mostly excited though!

When a new situation presents itself, I can't help but to think of fashion straight away. I know I will probably end up in boring black, navy and white shirts but before I start, I can dream of office fashion shows and cutting edge tailoring!

Here is my polyvoe idea (because I haven't polyvore-ed for a while)
White bow sleeve shirt
14 GBP - dorothyperkins.com

Tapered Hareem Trousers
$70 - topshop.com

Pearl necklace - birthday present

$139 - tous-shop.com

Black rectangle skinny belt
5 GBP - dorothyperkins.com

Vanilla Paris Black Croco Bertie
£99 - vanilla-paris.co.uk

What do you think? Do you like it? Maybe when I start I'll do a few OOTD with my real work wear!



13 Aug 2010

Lauren Loves - Charity Blog Sale Dress

Here's the dress I made for the Beauty Bloggers Charity Blog Sale in a bit more detail. Remember, if you want to place a bid on this dress, head on over to The Charity Blog Sale, by clicking here.

Here's my dress:

The dress is made of thin cotton with a blue and white polka dot print. It features crossed over straps on the back and a ruched bust. It is unlined and has a side zip with hook and eye fastening.

The ruched bust:

Over-stitched straps - they'll stay strong! 

The back:

Here's a close up of the zip:

And as you can see it is unlined, but the hem is double turned so no fraying!

Importantly - here's how it looks on (sorry for the terrible photo)

Some details:

Size - around a UK 8 to 10
      Bust - 83cm (32.5 inches)
      Length - from armpit to hem is 65 cm (25.5 inches)
      Across shoulders - 43cm (17 inches)
      Flares out from an empire line so very flattering and covers a tummy!

Washing - this item has never been washed before, so therefore care should be taken when wearing it for the first time as the blue dye transfers (I had blue hands while making it!). Can be washed at 30 degrees and ironed as normal cotton.

Delivery - Delivery is free! It will come wrapped up beautifully in tissue paper and delivered second class.

Please remember - This dress has been lovingly home made so it won't be to shop standards! However it is one-of-a-kind, and has all my love and affection in it! It has received many compliments from friends so cherish it! 


12 Aug 2010

Lauren's Mum reviews - The Liz Earle Superskin Range

Lauren very kindly let me test the Superskin goodies she'd recieved from Liz Earle. As a long-standing Liz Earle customer, I suppose I am a bit biased. Bit of a background on my skin - I have very dry, sensitive skin and find it difficult at times to find skincare products which don't leave me with allergy rashes or itchy skin.

I have used the Superskin moisturiser every night, it has a lovely soft texture, like marshmallows and doesn't feel at all heavy or cloying. You wake up and your skin feels lovely and soft. I suppose the only down side is that it doesn't have a fragrance. It might be a little too strong for younger skin but is perfect for very dry or older skin like mine.

I do find the price rather high, and tend to have this as a Christmas or birthday treat, as it would feel rather indulgent to buy it. Having said that, I rave about it so much, my husband tells me just to get on and buy it! I suppose compared to other high-end ranges like Clarins however, it is very good value for money.

Even with my dry skin however, I would find it a little too moisturising for monrning use underneath foundation, so I use the normal Liz Earle moisturiser for dry skin then.

A 50ml jar is £32.50 from here

The Superskin concentrate
I already owned the rollerball version of this, and to be honest wasn't all that impressed. I just couldn't bring myself to pay out the £37 for the full size, so made do with the rollerball. But goodness what a difference! The pump allows you to put on a measured amount, but when you put on the rollerball it's not the same. I've been using it now for 2 weeks, and have recieved numerous compliments about my skin. Which considering I've been using Liz Earle for a couple of years is amazing!

Again, this is probably a little too moisturising for young skin but dispite the cost, this is probably the one SuperSkin item I will continue to buy.

The rollerball version is £18, and the larger pump is £37. Both available from here  

The superskin body cream
I've been using the Nourishing Botanical Body Cream from Liz Earle for some time, so was pleased to have a chance to try out the Superskin version. At almost twice the price, I was expecting it to be twice as good, but to be honest, despite a slightly nicer fragrance I don't think the results so far have been much different to the normal Liz Earle counterpart. Both body creams are thick but do sink in quite quickly leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised all day. Again, I have older, drier skin than Lauren so I'm not sure if this would be a little too strong for younger skins. Lauren, I know, also doesn't really like the fragrance of either one.

The moisturiser is £27.50 from here

None of the Superskin range affected my very sensitive skin, and overall, of all the products I tried in the Superskin range, my favourite was the Superskin concentrate. I find this, used at night, combined with the regular Liz Earle moisturiser is enough for my dry skin. From my experience, you don't need both the Superskin concentrate and the Superskin moisturiser, but who knows - in a couple of years perhaps I will!

Finally, I am really looking forwards to the launch of their new shampoo, which I am hoping will be as good as the rest of their range.

Love Debbie (Lauren's Mum) x

Lauren Loves - May's Charity Blog Sale


It's just 24 hours now until the first Beauty Bloggers Charity Blog Sale, hosted by the wonderful May! And I am lucky enough to be involved!

For the blog sale, I have designed and made a one-off, handmade dress. Here's a sneaky preview to interest you

What do you think?! I'd better go take some more pictures for tomorrow!

Other items in the sale include jewellery, personalised blog headers, nail art, and goodies from many more companies and other lovely bloggers. All money raised goes to ECPAT and The Eve Appeal.

Hope you are around to spend some money for a good cause, and get something out of it!


11 Aug 2010

Lauren loves crimes of fashion - part 2!

These two girls both turned up like this on Saturday night -

Can you believe the outfits were so similar unintentionally! CRINGE!

I hate moments when this happens. Your first thought is instantly "do I look better or worse" and I think everyone else's thoughts are "oh, she looks better in it" and I think that's such a shame because it totally ruins your night.

So my question is - how would you deal with a situation like this? I agree with the girl on the left - take it in your stride and (pretend) to have a laugh over the situation; but I can see why people get a bit upset over the situation. Has this ever happened to you? Luckily for me it hasn't when out, only when out shopping in the street. I can't believe these two are friends though and turned up in the same outfit unintentionally! How embarassing!


10 Aug 2010

Lauren loves crimes of fashion

Whist browsing Shopstyle yesterday, I stumbled up on these gems by Gianvitto Rossi!

Aren't they disgustingly amazing! I kind of want to keep staring at them, just to find out of it's real!

First of all, they are thigh-high boots, but with open toes and sling-back ankles! And they're lace up! I don't think even Lady Gaga could pull these babies off!

If you're interested, they're from Browns Fashion and cost an unbelievable £1,270!

8 Aug 2010

OOTN and FOTN for Saturday - with help from my friend!

On Saturday, my friend Georgina and I went out clubbing for her birthday! Here are our OOTNs

Doesn't Georgie look amazing!?

I wore

Very old dress from Lipsy (bought on eBay!)
Bow clutch bag from Faith

Georgie wore:
Dress from Topshop

Is it just me and my friends who do toilet poses?

I also saw a girl in this Pixie Lott for Lipsy dress. I was so jealous! She looked fantastic! This is top of my wish list!

As for the make up:

Georgina wore blue smokey eyes and nude lips:
Rubie and Millie eye colour in 640M blue and 010P black
MAC lipstick in Creme Cup
MAC Lipglass in C-Thru

I wore black smokey eyes and nude lips
Rubie and Millie eye colour in 010P black
Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner
ME ME ME concealer in fair
Boots 17 Volumising mascara
MAC lipstick in Creme Cup

MAC Lipglass in C-Thru

As you can see we loved the MAC lipglass!

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