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Review: BIC Soleil Secret Shaver and Trimmer

15 Jul 2014

Shaving - it's not really a glam topic for a fashion and beauty blog is it? But as much as many of us want to spread the rumour that we naturally have smooth legs and underarms (as well as the rumour that we don't sweat, and yes we naturally are this blonde and tanned... ignore the biscuit smell), it's a fact of life that many of us spend hours of our lives shaving away unwanted hair. So... with that in mind, here's a review of a razor. 

This is the BIC Soleil Secret shaver and trimmer - a normal razor but with a graded bikini trimming attachment. Now I feel very awkward reviewing a razor which is designed for bikini lines so bear with me if that comes across! 

In the pack, you get two normal disposable razors in a beautiful glittery pink, and a trimmer attachment which slides over the normal shaving head. 

The razors are standardly good for BIC Soleil range - I have always enjoyed using these razors and find they never cut me (unlike the cheapies) as they have three blades in a head that moves with your body rather than a really mean rusty blade which hacks into your legs. There is also a strip infused with vitamin E to reduce irritation

The attachment when used trims hair down to 2mm, using a guide like men's electric shavers. This means it neatens up hairs in the bikini area ready for bikini season, allowing you to "sculpt" your hair into whatever daring or conservative style you want! 

Overall, if you're prepping for holiday or love swimming every week and you're looking for a good razor with a bikini line trimming option, this is something to definitely look into. Also for lovers of waxing, this could get you through the in-between waxing growth stage. (That's the awkward bit done I think).

These are normally £3.99, but at the moment they are on offer in Boots for £1.99 so snap some up for your holidays! 

Review: Ayurveda Pura skincare

10 Jul 2014

This is a long delayed post! Apologies.

A long while ago, I was sent some samples of Ayurveda Pura skincare. A bit of history: Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system which holistically promoted health and wellbeing through yoga, meditation and alternative medicine. In line with this, initially you fill in a questionnaire to find out what your "type" is and then choose the skincare that matches. 

I tried the Daily Replenish Face Cream which is from the "Pitta" range for normal/sensitive skin.

The moisturiser contains Aloe Vera, Almond, Peach and Essential Oils of Rose, Neroli and Orange and states it is completely natural and handmade. This means it has quite a strong smell, but not overpowering. It reminded me of the smell of being at a spa, which must be a lovely reminder if you go to the Ayurveda spa. 

The moisturiser was really thick but sunk in very quickly. I found myself applying more than normal as my skin absorbed it so quickly. I found later in the day however, my makeup was slipping down and gathering around my nose which isn't usual so I wonder if it didn't react well to my oily skin. 

Overall, this moisturiser is really lovely for people who want natural skin products and maybe particularly for people who don't wear foundation as it gives a nice level of moisture without looking greasy. It's available for £29.13.

I also tried the Revitalising Body Lotion  for all skin types

This body lotion contains mandarin, juniper berry and lavender. It helps keep skin moisturised and toned and does sink in really nicely into my hands and legs. For me, again the smell was quite strong and I had to wash my hands after a while, but the formula was nice and if you like natural products but miss them having a smell this could be a good product for you. This cream is £16.63

Teddy the Puppy

9 Jul 2014

The last weekend of June, Sam and I brought home our little puppy Teddy! Teddy is a miniature pinscher and he's absolutely adorable. You'll probably be bored of him if you're on my instagram.

He's gorgeous, a complete handful, and I'm exhausted but in love. I am also looking forwards to when he gets the hang of house training.

Review: Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup Foundation

8 Jul 2014

Last week I was out shopping with my Mum and she took me to the Clinique lady in John Lewis. She was buying all her favourite products when I mentioned I'd like a new foundation. At this point, the sales person whisked me up into a chair, allowed me to complain about my skin and what I would want from my ideal foundation, and then pulled out this product

This is Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup, a gel-textured foundation created for combination to very oily skin which gives a sheer to moderate finish. There are a huge range of colours (around 20) and the one I chose was "2 - alabaster" which is in the "very fair" range. Even with my super-pale skintone this blends in really well

The foundation is packaged in a squeezy tube so it's easy to get the perfect amount (compared to a pump) and doesn't get all germy. I applied a small dot to my hand and then used a foundation brush to apply on recommendation from the Clinique lady. 

I chose to apply it quite thin - I prefer a sheer look. This is the result without any extra concealer. As you can see it makes my skin look really fresh but not very chalky matte like other matte foundations I have tried . It feels very light compared to other foundations and hasn't caused me to have a breakout with daily use. 

I didn't find it clung to any dry patches, although it did still melt around the creases by my nose by the end of the day so I had to re-apply for a night out after work.

The overall verdict - really impressed. I haven't tried a mattefying foundation which gives such a lovely glow and I haven't broken out because of it which is also something I've never experienced (hence why I did this disgusting and horribly embarrassing blog post about giving up foundation for 2 weeks around 2 years ago). This foundation is £22.50 from Clinique which seems like a good price for a lovely product  and I will definitely buy hundreds more! 

Sponsored Video: Benefit "They're Real" Push Up Liner

7 Jul 2014

As you can probably work out from the posts and hundreds of photos, I'm a huge fan of liquid eyeliner and love trying out new brands, formulas and innovative applicators.

Recently Benefit created They're Real! push up liner which is a matte, gel eyeliner which applies to hug your lashes and create an easy cat eye flick

In the video above, it shows a girl arrested and applying it using handcuffs in the back of a police car - I guess demonstrating how easy it is to apply!

So what's special about this eyeliner? It's longwearing, waterproof, and the shape of the nib means it hugs the lash line to give a really neat effect, with a flat tip to draw on a flick easily and symmetrically. The gel comes out the middle of the liner pen and you twist it to get the gel out. 

It looks really easy to use for even liquid eyeliner novices and I'm really interested to try one. 

This launch goes with the Benefit They're Real mascara which is a hugely lengthening and volumising mascara. Teamed together to create super impact eyes, this liner is set to be as bold and best selling as the They're Real mascara. 

If you then head to the facebook page you can enter a competition to win a stay in an old prison and loads of freebies from Benefit! I entered here and you have to follow a quick game to be in with a chance of winning.

and you can join too

This video was sponsored but I think it's an awesome new product to try!
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