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Outfit post:summery skorts

1 Aug 2014

I seem to spend my whole time with my legs out! I'm really enjoying the summer weekends and dipping my toes into the world of skorts. Once upon a time, I'm sure these were called culottes which I preferred but oh well! The skort is a skirt-short - a pair of shorts which looks like a flippy miniskirt but minus the risk of losing your dignity in high wind. 

 I'm wearing - petities floral skort from Miss Selfridge - £25. I am in no way petite but I love the length of this skort so bought it anyway! I'm also wearing my mum's old white t-shirt (can I call it a vintage find to sound cooler?) and some flipflops which have since been destroyed by my puppy. I went to get some new ones the other day and was gutted to find my local Southampton ALDO has shut!

Also please remember to enter the raffle to win a Rhodesian of Edinburgh satchel and help raise money for Marie Curie! The gorgeous blue satchel you could win arrived today so I got Teddy to model it. As you can see it's really petite and a lovely summer handbag. Find all the details here

Outfit Post: Rosey skirt for summery days

29 Jul 2014

I love the summer! I've been bursting to get out every day, even just in the garden, to sit in the sun and eat ice lollies!

My summery outfit today is a floral midi skirt in rose print from ASOS - £30, black short sleeve crop top from New Look - £6.99, and sandals from Accessorize. The lollies are Waitrose Valencia orange and they are amazing! What a treat at £2.49 for 4

Rhodesian Handbag Competition for Charity

27 Jul 2014

A little while ago I blogged about a Charity 10k walk I'm doing with my Mum in 2 weeks for Marie Curie. Mum lost both her parents (my nanny and poppa) to cancer recently and Marie Curie was amazing at caring for them and helping the whole family through a really painful and challenging time. 

The gorgeous ladies at Rhodesian of Edinburgh caught wind of this and being incredibly generous, they have offered one of their beautiful satchels for a reader to win with proceeds going to Marie Curie for our charity walk! 

This satchel is the Jasmine in pale blue. It's a beautiful small satchel, perfect for the summer. Made by artisan leather crafters, this British-made satchel is unique in that it is wider than a traditional satchel, meaning you can store more suncream, lippies and other things in your bag whilst you go for your travels. It's worth over £100! 

Recognise the model too? This is beautiful Bethany Townsend, the model who became famous recently for posting a bikini photo wearing her colostomy bags, modelling the actual satchel you could win! 

So how can you win this beautiful, unique, £100 designer satchel? We're holding a raffle! 

What you need to do it head over to the Rhodesian of Edinburgh website and click collection. At the bottom of the page is the link to the raffle (or click here for a shortcut). All you do is buy a raffle ticket for £2.50 with all the money going to Marie Curie, and you will get a strip of 5 raffle numbers emailed to you by the Rhodesian team. Entries close at midnight on Friday 8th August, and the winner will be announced on Saturday 9th August, the day of my walk! That means for only £2.50 you have the chance to win yourself a Rhodesian of Edinburgh satchel! You can also enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning! 

Please note, you must be within the UK to enter or you will be charged a postage fee by the site automatically. 

Here's my Teddy sitting in my Rhodesian to tempt you! Good luck ladies and please dig deep to help me with my charity walk and to potentially win a beautiful handbag! 

Outfit of the day: Coral Shorts

It's been super hot and sunny! After spending a week in a hot office, I've been dreaming of going out in shorts. Thank god for ASOS's next day delivery! 

I'm wearing meadow flower lace hem shell top from Topshop £36, Coral Tailored shorts from ASOS £18 and some old, gold flip flops from Peacocks! 

Obviously Tiny Teddy need to get in on the action 

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Review: BIC Soleil Secret Shaver and Trimmer

15 Jul 2014

Shaving - it's not really a glam topic for a fashion and beauty blog is it? But as much as many of us want to spread the rumour that we naturally have smooth legs and underarms (as well as the rumour that we don't sweat, and yes we naturally are this blonde and tanned... ignore the biscuit smell), it's a fact of life that many of us spend hours of our lives shaving away unwanted hair. So... with that in mind, here's a review of a razor. 

This is the BIC Soleil Secret shaver and trimmer - a normal razor but with a graded bikini trimming attachment. Now I feel very awkward reviewing a razor which is designed for bikini lines so bear with me if that comes across! 

In the pack, you get two normal disposable razors in a beautiful glittery pink, and a trimmer attachment which slides over the normal shaving head. 

The razors are standardly good for BIC Soleil range - I have always enjoyed using these razors and find they never cut me (unlike the cheapies) as they have three blades in a head that moves with your body rather than a really mean rusty blade which hacks into your legs. There is also a strip infused with vitamin E to reduce irritation

The attachment when used trims hair down to 2mm, using a guide like men's electric shavers. This means it neatens up hairs in the bikini area ready for bikini season, allowing you to "sculpt" your hair into whatever daring or conservative style you want! 

Overall, if you're prepping for holiday or love swimming every week and you're looking for a good razor with a bikini line trimming option, this is something to definitely look into. Also for lovers of waxing, this could get you through the in-between waxing growth stage. (That's the awkward bit done I think).

These are normally £3.99, but at the moment they are on offer in Boots for £1.99 so snap some up for your holidays! 
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