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Bleach London Super Cool Colours - Awkward Peach

10 Oct 2015

A long while ago, I dyed my hair candyfloss pink with Bleach London Super Cool Colours in Rose. Today my hair is peach! This is Bleach Super Cool Colours in Awkward Peach - a very cute peachy pink shade! It was £5 from my local Boots store and I picked it up yesterday.

It was really easy to use. All you do is wash your hair normally, then towel try it. Put on some gloves and apply this well into your hair. After 15 minutes (I left it for 30 minutes!) wash out and you're done!

The colour is a little more pinky in real life, and it was quite hard to capture in artificial light so we photographed it today when walking the dog. It's lovely and multi-tonal, and because it was designed for bleached hair, I have no fear that it will ruin my highlights and dye my hair forever! One wash and it'll all be gone!

I found that with a good application, the colour is even and I'm not left with any patches. Obviously my original hair colour is a honey blonde, so this colour has come out darker than it would on bleached hair too. I think it's a really cute colour and flattering for most skin tones, even my cool complexion!

Bleach Super Cool Colours are from Boots and cost only £5 which is a bargain considering I used about a third of a bottle on my long hair. I also have a bright red called "I Saw Red" which I'm looking forwards to trying out.

How to: Knit a brain in a specimen jar (easy for a non-knitter too!)

7 Oct 2015

It's Halloween - a spooky time of year, even for those of us who love our knitting! This year, I decided to combine my love for psychology with my love for knitting and create a brain in a jar! This super-easy tutorial tells you how to do it! 

First of all, get yourself a spool loom or french knitter. These are little tubes with pegs on top which you knit huge lengths of cord with. They're super easy, and some are even automatic if you look on ebay - you just have to turn a handle. You also have to get some pink or beigey-pink wool and a fake brain (google prop brain on eBay). 

You then need to use your French knitter/spool loom to create a huge, long length of icord to make the brain surface. I made lengths of about 5 meters and stitched each one on to see how far they covered. 

 To finish the brain, you need to stitch the icord onto it. You could also use super-glue if you wanted to. I did the left half, and then the right half so they were mirror images and looked more like a brain. The brain I got from eBay was squishy like a stress ball so I could stitch right into the brain but I'm sure glue would work just as well.

Then go and get a big jar and stick it in! I went to The Range to get mine and could be caught sat on the floor, attempting to stuff the brain into every kilner jar to find the perfect size!


Review: Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy Toner

2 Oct 2015

A little while ago, I was emailed about a new hair colour toner by Scott Cornwall called Candy. Unlike usual blonde hair toners which take away brassiness and make blondes whiter, this one is designed to inject a peachy pink tone into blonde hair, to warm it up. 

It's really easy to use, you just wash your hair normally, and then wearing gloves, massage this into your hair. You then comb through so it's evenly distributed and then wait 20 minutes before washing off. 

Here are the results on my highlighted hair

There didn't seem to be too much difference for me. After I'd dried my hair, my boyfriend said "I thought you said you'd gone to dye your hair?". I think around my roots and fringe where the bleach is fresher you can see there is a slight "warmth" in my hair rather than the ashy tones in the before photo. However, I don't think this was designed for me, but rather people with a full head of bleached hair.

The toner left my hair feeling really soft and has a lovely fruity smell. I was a little disappointed by the result in my hair - I was hoping for a pinky/peach instagram-filter effect on my hair but I think I got my hopes too high. It's more orangey peach than I expected too, I was hoping a more candy pink. I would love to see this on people who have bleached hair, like Lauren Spearman who rocks awkward peach like no other (girl crush).


30 Sep 2015

A couple of weeks ago, Sam and I made the annual trip to Alora, in Andalucia, Spain. Sam's dad lives out there, in the mountains north of Malaga. It's a great place, full of friendly locals who invite us to all sorts of amazing events. Nobody speaks English so it's a great opportunity for me to practice my Spanish and get an authentic slice of Spain. 

Sam's dad has recently moved so we got to see his new flat, complete with gorgeous pool! 

Finally getting the opportunity to wear my ASOS swimsuit!

On Sunday we went to the Romeria - a pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Flowers. Everyone dresses in traditional costume, the women dance flamenco and the men ride horses. It was amazing!

The next day we headed down to the lakes - El Chorro! They're gorgeous dammed lakes where you can jump off cliffs or rent pedalos.

We got Sam's Dad's first selfie!

I even got brave enough to get my scoliosis spinal fusion scar out! 

We saw so many gorgeous views, did lots of sleeping, eating and drinking and had a fab time!  I'd totally recommend going if you like quiet, country places with friendly people and yummy food. There's an amazing hotel called La Garganta in El Chorro where I'd love to stay.

Outfit Post: Autumnal Weather and Massive Handbags

28 Sep 2015

I love Autumn, particularly those gorgeous sunny days with a slight chill in the shadows. Last weekend I wore one my favourite transitional pieces - a jumper dress. I've been wearing them over normal dresses so I can stay cool or warm up whenever needed! 

I'm wearing Topshop jumper dress from eBay, black shoes from Topshop, H&M hat and my new leather bucket handbag c/o Yoshi. This is the Yoshi Borden bag in navy which costs £70. It's perfect for going back to University - big enough for all my books, my laptop and essentials. Hopefully being real leather, rather than my usual knock-offs, the straps will survive! 

Shame some of the photos are blurry - I'm still teaching Sam how to use my new camera!

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