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My Christmas Jumper (dress) 2014

19 Dec 2014

I am a big fan of the Christmas jumper and every year for the past 3 years I have invested in one. This year I am getting bolder and am wearing this beauty from boohoo. This is the Niamh Reindeer Snowflake Jumper Dress which is £20 and comes in "wine" which is the colour I'm wearing, or black and white. It's an all-out "I love Christmas" dress!

This jumper dress is so comfy and cosy! I wore it out to my work Christmas dinner and I was definitely over-heating! If you were going somewhere cold you could definitely pair it with a black skirt over the top so it looked like a Christmas jumper. It is really soft and great for lounging around on Christmas day in or wearing to the pub on Christmas Eve! And Boohoo are still offering Christmas delivery if you order before 8pm on 22nd December so get a wiggle on! 

How I've decorated the house for Christmas

4 Dec 2014

It's December! As this is our first year living together for Sam and I, we have become very excited about making the best Christmas house! So far we have only done the lounge but I will go around slowly Christmassing up the place and hopefully share it with you as I progress. I thought I'd share with you how I have decorated. Our theme was cream and gold, but I managed to sneak some red in too! 

Obviously we have a tree! This is the first year we've used a fake tree because we heard puppies who like to chew can get poorly, and our Teddy loves to chew! This is one from Homebase and it's 8 foot tall. I got it reduced from around £200 to £20 a couple of years ago after Christmas. We decorated it with white lights and the cream and gold ribbon and agreed it was probably enough, but I just HAD to add a touch of red. On top is an old family angel who I love. Also I put my huge IKEA star in the window 

plus the bauble I made! 

I managed to convince Sam to help me paint the chimney breast before we decorated. This paint colour is called Ming Dynasty from Valspar at B&Q. It is the perfect deep, peacock blue I have been searching ages for

I decorated the fireplace with the bunting I made, a garland from Garson's Garden Centre wrapped in gold and cream ribbon and battery powered fairy lights which were only £2 at ASDA

I also had a navy and red deer throw from Primark to chuck on the sofa. Yes my lounge colour scheme is royal blue and Raspberry. It works in real life. 

And finally I dressed our animals up for Christmas! Button wore and hat and Teddy wore a little jacket

#HillarysCraftEvent Christmas Craftings

2 Dec 2014

On Saturday Hillary's invited me down to Taj's Tea Parlour in Brighton to meet some crafty local bloggers and learn to make some Christmas things courtesy of Make Do and Trend who run crafting workshops

The venue was in the deepest, darkest corners of the Lanes, between all the alleys full of gorgeous second hand jewellery, vintage finds and choccy-woccy-doo-dah!

Can you believe these are made of chocolate!?

It was a tiny tea room full of bunting, mismatching vintage tea cups and saucers and lovely looking cakes. A load of bloggers were all packed into the room and we got making.

Picture taken from Sophie of Sophie Rose Hearts

First up we made no-sew bunting out of one of the Hillary's new fabrics. We were given a length of rope and 5 pendants to stick to it which were opened up.

We were then told to PVA glue one side of the pendant and sandwich it around the rope. I quickly learnt that putting on a lot of glue made the fabric curl up so I didn't get the best result.

However, I did learn that if you have a limited length of rope, what you have to do is stick a pendant to each end, then put one in the exact middle of the length, then you can pop in the remainder evenly on each side of the middle flag.

We were served some delicious tea and tiny Christmas themed sugar cookies halfway through, although my mouth watered over the cake which was tucked away from us! Then we got crafting some more.

The next craft was harder - we used three different fabrics from the Hillary's range to cover a polystyrene bauble.

This involved having 8 squares of each fabric, putting a pin in the exact middle of a square, pinning it to the bauble, then folding it in half and then triangles around the pin (does that make sense?).

We repeated this with 2 more layers on top, and then on the other side of the bauble before wrapping the whole thing in a strip of fabric to hide the edges.

I think the effect has great impact and I'm really proud of the finished product. It was really hard to do though - curtain fabric was far too thick to do the job and it was very challenging to get pins in towards the end when the layers were so thick. I think this would work well with thinner fabrics or even paper.

I had a fab day and I loved meeting some other bloggers! A huge shout out to these guys for being so much fun, each who you should definitely check out

Miranda's Ark
Sophie Rose Hearts
Lilla Loves
Lola and Behold
Jennifer's Little World
Maybush Studio

 The next day I decorated the house for Christmas and got to put up my creations!

The Christmas Wishlist

21 Nov 2014

Christmas is nearly here! I know some of you may be more bah humbug than me but I'm really excited. This is my first Christmas living with my partner and we have a little puppy to dress up in ridiculous outfits so lots of look forwards to! When I was emailed by Festive Lights, being reminded how close it was, I thought I'd share with you my Christmas wishlist to get you all inspired for your Christmas lists/buying and excited for the big day.

Like many of us, I adore The Great British Bake Off and would love a proper KitchenAid mixer. However, this hand mixer would fill that hole in my heart until I was rich enough to spend around £400 on a mixer! Look at its retro beauty.

I remain a huge Laura Lee Jewellery fan, and I adore this initial necklace. So dainty!

A cute festive tee from Topshop 

These flying pugs are hilarious and would definitely brighten up a room! 

I'd love some initial letters on the fire place! 

I'd love a parka for walking Teddy now the weather is getting colder. Especially as this one has a furry inside. Snuggly! 

Being a huge chav, the idea of a 7 foot light up tree makes me really excited! This would be amazing!
 or a massive fake deer head!

I realise now my lists are changing and this is almost full of home stuff! What's on your lists?

Blogging silence and Preparing for Christmas

11 Nov 2014

I've been completely AWOL recently. It's been down to lots of things - University is completely hectic at the moment and I'm out the house from 7am to 7pm every day plus reading and homework! I've also had mega writer's block for a while and have been really anxious about people reading my blog and what they think about me. A strange insecurity to suddenly develop! 

Anyway rather than ignoring my blog whilst I'm stuck for ideas, I thought I'd catch you up on what I've been doing. 

Protecting Teddy against fireworks

And going for long walks when it's sunny

Plenty of cooking on my days off so we have food in the freezer for tired evenings

Doing lots of knitting ready for Christmas.  (this is the inside of fairisle knit, it doesn't look like that on the right side!)

For all you fellow knitters, here are some things I'm enjoying knitting (without giving too much away about surprise presents):

And this cardigan in dark grey for my boyfriend Sam

I've also been trying to fit in sleep where possible!

If anyone has any idea about blog posts they'd like to see like hair tutorials, makeup and nail reviews and how to's, Christmas gift guides etc let me know x
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