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Video Review: Babyliss New Big Hair Rotating Styler

22 Jan 2015

So I've not blogged in a while because I've been completely snowed under with University work and actual work, but I thought I'd vlog my new hairstyler - the Babyliss New Big Hair styler which I was sent by John Lewis. This baby uses a rotating hot brush action to give your hair volume and that salon blow dry look (but easier and quicker!) and costs £40.

The unique thing about this is it's a hot-brush type hairdryer, but it rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise to wrap the hair up and smooth it out. I've seen some amazing, dramatic results using this with frizzy hair to give a sleek, volumous style. I was terrified at first that my hair might get tangled up and I'd have to chop it off, but that didn't happen (thankfully) because of the two direction rotation.

I don't know what more to say, so here's the video review! Excuse Teddy running around and being a pickle!

The brush has three different heat settings (cold, warm and hot) and a long cable which rotates so no tagles in the cable either. It has a ceramic brush so smooths hair out and gets lovely and hot to make styling quicker!

Overall, it gives FAB results! If you can cast aside your anxiety about the twirly, whirly contraption and give yourself half an hour to play with it and learn what to do, you can get great results quickly! I'm definitely going to let Mum (a hot brush addict since the 80s!) have a go and see if I can upgrade her current model.

How to grow your hair longer, stronger and quicker

11 Jan 2015

A few people ask me how I grow my hair so long so I thought I'd share my tips for growing your hair with you all. It does take some hard work but if you follow this guide you will grow your hair longer, stronger and quicker. 

Step one: Have a chop! 
Counter-intuitive but if you want to grow your hair, you've probably been trying to grow it for a while and might not have had a hair cut in a while.  I had a big chop in March last year to cut out all my long, wispy layers which were split and made my hair look thin and scraggly.  I'm very precious about my hair, so you can see on my face I'm still in shock but it does make all the difference. 

Step two: book in regular trims
Another important thing to do is to have a couple of millimeters cut off your hair every 12 weeks. This makes sure your split ends don't get too long and keeps your hair looking sleek and soft. 

Step 3: Condition!
I use a lot of conditioner! I regularly use Tresemme Luxurious Moisture shampoo and conditioner. I also use an argan oil whenever my hair is wet on the ends to protect them from heat. My other top secret is to wash your hair at night, squeeze out the extra water and put on loads of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. Comb it through, put it up on a bun, wrap in a warm towel and sleep on it. The next morning, rinse your hair and you'll have super soft hair. I try to do this every time I have a night alone, and do it for a couple of hours in the day whenever I can. 

Step 4: Treat your hair nicely
Try to wash your hair every other day or less to reduce the heat you have to use in drying. I'd also recommend a tangle teaser and cut down (or cut out) using hair straighteners! I have noticed a difference in the condition of my hair since I quit using straighteners and began using heated rollers to style my hair. 

Step 5: Love it!

Faking a curly bob with long hair

8 Jan 2015

I wasn't going to blog about this! This was an experiment I did the other day at home, to see if I could fake a bob. I've always had really long hair (except that time in year 9 when I had it cut off to my shoulders and I cried for 3 days). I love having love hair, and don't even mind having to comb it in the shower with conditioner, the knots at the back of my neck and spending forever blowdrying it. All of this makes me really precious when it comes to seeing hairdressers and I must be a nightmare. However, considering all this, I've wanted a curly bob since I saw this Bourjois advert.

Anyway the other day I had a go, and this is what I managed  (all these photos are unedited - my skin is terrible - but I wanted to get this post out quick!)

Not bad considering my hair is this long

How I did it:
This takes a while to do so best if you have a long morning, or if you can do most the prep the night before.

  • Firstly I filled my hair full of mousse when wet and dried it upside-down to give it lots of volume
  • Then I got my curling tongs and curled my hair really tightly. After each curl was made, I quickly wound it round my finger and pinned it up against my head like this:
  • If you're prepping for the next day, you can go to bed like this and sleep easily! If not, leave your hair whilst you get dressed and put on your makeup. 
  • Unpin the curls and brush out with your fingers. Then add volume boosting powder to your crown and backcomb it to get big hair (see my guide on how to get big hair here)
  • Finally, split your hair into about 5 or 6 sections evenly around your head. Grab the tips of your hair in the front left section, and then pin it up, underneath itself into your neck. (That's really hard to describe!) Basically you're folding your hair in half and pinning it up loosely so your hair is shorter, thicker and keeps its curls as you are folding loosely. 
  • Continue this all around your head until all your hair is pinned up and under a curtain of hair to hide it. Tong the front parts if you have layers and you've got a fake bob! 

My New Years Eve Look: OOTD and FOTD

2 Jan 2015

A big happy new year to everyone again! I know it's cliche but I can't believe it's 2015 already! On New Years Eve this year, Sam and I went out to The Print Room in Bournemouth for a masquerade ball with our old housemates (and BFFs) Dan and Jen (or Daniffer as I collectively call them).

I love going out with Daniffer, particularly getting ready with Jen which we have so much fun doing (probably more fun than actually going out with smelly boys). As the event was a ball, we all decided to go all-out with our looks. Here's what I wore:

My dress is from the sale at River Island (I am obsessed with River Island sale dresses, every year when the January sales roll around I am straight in my local shop!) I couldn't find it online, but if you love 1920s flapper, Gatsby style dresses I found a company called Frock and Frill who have lust-worthy dresses! My shoes are from ASOS - they are a classic suede with an almond toe, great for big feet like mine! My mask is from Accessorize and I sewed my own ribbon onto it rather than the elastic. 

Sam also got dapper in  suit trousers and shirt from Moss Bros (their slim fit stuff is great fit for tall guys) and a bow tie from Marks and Spencer. It's a real one rather than a pre-tied clip on and took us ages to learn how to tie! Doesn't he look lovely! 

For my makeup I wore: 
Under eye concealer - Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
Bronzer (for contouring under cheekbones) Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer
Eyebrows - groomed with Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit (great for those who don't want super dark brows)
Eyeshadow - Revlon Colourstay Shadow Links (clip together eyeshadows to make your own palette!)  in oyster, taupe and gunmetal
Eyeliner - L'Oreal Gel Eyeliner 
Lipstick - Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in "revenge" (my review here). I'd love to know if this is a dupe for MAC Sin or Diva?

... that's a lot of makeup! Jen did my hair in a beautiful French twist with lots of volume! 

Jen looked stunning in a beautiful black dress from River Island (also in the sale!) which has built in hotpants and a sheer skirt! She looked amazing. And here are a lot of photos of us partying! 

I love the casual undone bow tie look Sam rocked after midnight! We had a lovely time and so much fun. It really felt like a proper celebration of a year gone by and party to welcome in the new one in a different way. 

Renovating the Dining Room

1 Jan 2015

Happy New Year! Inspired by the New Year I thought I'd share with you the first new leaf I have turned over! I love my home. I am a real homebody and love nothing more than peeking into other's homes for inspiration, whether on Pinterest or in real life. I've owned my home for the last three years, and when I initially bought it I painted everything cream and had second hand furniture which I was hugely grateful for. Now my boyfriend and I live together, it seemed like the perfect time to start decorating our home and slowly start buying furniture which would be ours long term rather than a stop gap. 

I recently shared with you my lounge at Christmas and I realised I forgot to show you the before photo so here it is quickly



Anyway here is my dining room story
The dining room has always been my least favourite room. It felt like a bland space, full of furniture I didn't buy or particularly like and I spent a lot of time keeping guests out of it! 

When I originally bought the house it looked like this:

And with limited money all I could really do was paint the walls a neutral colour and the tiles in the fireplace black and hope that one day inspiration and money would hit me. Literally everthing was given to me including the lacey table cloth! 

The room kind of became a dumping ground for bags, mismatching furniture and drawers full of junk. I hate clutter, but somehow my apathy for the room made me clutter it up. Then for Christmas my parents offered to buy Sam and I a dining table and it kick started me into doing something about it.

First up my brother James came round and took the horrible glass display cabinet off the wall for me which I rapidly got rid of on a Facebook Buy and Sell page

The increase in light after it was taken down was so dramatic!

lovely wallpaper underneath! All the junk on the table was out of that cabinet! 

I then sanded all the woodwork, in its horrible yellowing glory, and painted it using Farrow & Ball eggshell in "New White". It's not a cheap brand, but from a lot of googling it seemed to be recommended by people who paint furniture as it applies well with minimal sheen and gives a more polished effect than Chalk Paint. I also painted the chest of drawers I was given when I met Sam as it was inoffensive! 

Mum gave me a tin of Dulux paint in Amethyst Falls 2 which is a really deep, Cadbury's purple paint colour. I used this to paint the chimney breast

I still have some work to do - the picture rail where the cabinet was is an unusual shape and I'm sill searching for some to replace the old stuff. Also, Sam gave me a set of picture frames for Christmas which I am going to put up on the chimney breast rather than a mirror so I am going to sort that when the Chrsitmas decorations are down. I also have to choose a curtain for the window and would love to get a really low pendant light from IKEA to hang over the table. Next paycheck maybe! I am also thinking about painting the legs of my new farmhouse table cream to go with the rest of the furniture - what do you think?

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